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    The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences develops high-efficiency improvers to fuel biodiesel

    • Last Update: 2020-11-23
    • Source: Internet
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    recently, by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences oil research and development of bio diesel quality improvement technology and multi-functional identification.

    At present, China's waste grease as raw materials for the production of biobial diesel raw materials complex, refined oil is prevalent in two major quality problems, one is containing a large number of oxidizing unsaturated double bonds, both to reduce combustion heat Value, but also produce acid corrosion engine metal parts, while the oxides produced can not be fully burned, resulting in black smoke, pollution of the environment These two major problems make the current bio diesel fuel in China only stay for general fuel such as boiler use, but not as vehicle fuel stable use.

    A series of multi-functional bio diesel quality modifiers developed by oil, the first successful application of >antioxidants" and low-temperature flow improvers technology to biogene diesel products at the same time, breaking through the current biobial diesel production of two major technical bottlenecks.

    said that the addition of the product can make bio diesel oxidation induction period extended, to meet or exceed the European Union and China's bio diesel product quality standards, significantly enhance the bio diesel products oxidation stability and low temperature mobility, so that ordinary life Diesel fuel can be used steadily as a vehicle fuel, and expand the use of the season and geographical scope, different raw materials of bio diesel has a wide range of adaptability, easy to add, the proportion of addition is only 0.01% to 0.1%, low production costs, with strong promotional value and industry-driven role.

    At present, the market price of ordinary life diesel oil is about 5000 yuan / ton, the addition of the application of the product at the current wholesale price of 0 diesel, can make each ton of ordinary life diesel value-added about 10%.

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