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    The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences will organize and implement 30 major scientific and technological projects

    • Last Update: 2021-03-03
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    Beijing, January 8 (Xinhua Dong Jun) China's agriculture
    Tang Huajun said on the 8th, China's agriculture
    will highlight major scientific issues and cutting-edge, subversive, key common technologies, establish a "mission list", organize the implementation of about 30 major scientific and technological tasks joint attack, and strive to overcome a number of agricultural science and technology foundation frontiers and key core technologies.
    Tang Huajun said at the China Agriculture
    2020 working meeting held on the same day that China's contribution rate of agricultural science and technology progress has reached 59.2%, but there is still a big gap compared with the international advanced level. For example, crop gene editing, biosynthetics, stem cell breeding, information technology and other frontier areas lack of independent intellectual property rights, key core technology "neck" serious, livestock and poultry varieties, some high-end agricultural machinery or core components rely on imports.
    Tang Huajun said that as the national team of agricultural scientific research, China's agriculture
    must give full play to the role of national strategic scientific and technological forces, accelerate scientific and technological innovation and institutional innovation in agriculture, strengthen basic cutting-edge research, core key technology, and strive to seize the commanding heights, seize the initiative of development, and open up scientific and technological and economic channels.
    China's agriculture
    has been determined to face the world's agricultural science and technology frontier, focusing on crop key gene mining, crop molecular polymerization breeding technology, high-efficiency nitrogen-fixing biology, crop high-light breeding, agricultural new materials, agricultural information intelligent access and other fields ahead of the deployment, and strive to obtain a number of basic research results and major scientific discoveries, strengthen the source of scientific and technological innovation supply.
    At the same time, facing the country's major needs, focusing on "hiding grain in technology", breeding of good breeds of livestock and poultry, emergency prevention and control of major agricultural diseases, agricultural green development, intelligent agriculture and intelligent agricultural machinery and equipment and other fields jointly attack, focusing on breaking through a number of "card neck" core key technologies.
    In addition, facing the main battleground of modern agricultural construction, the focus is on joint efforts in the fields of cash crop quality improvement and efficiency, high-quality dairy engineering, nutrition and quality and safety of agricultural products, and accelerating the output of a number of major products leading the development of high-quality agriculture.
    China's agriculture
    regards 2020 as the year of deepening reform, focusing on exploring the construction of a system of full-time employment, classification evaluation and income distribution, and improving the management system and operating mechanism at the two levels of the institute. For example, to strengthen the distribution orientation of increasing the value of knowledge, the pilot team chief "annual salary system", the introduction of talent "agreement wage system", the recruitment of talent "project wage system" and so on.
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