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    The classification of furniture coating and its influence on furniture style

    • Last Update: 2021-01-17
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    China Paint Online News Information:
    , modern, Japanese and Korean, European, wood wind ... The full range of furniture styles enriches people's choices, while also dressing up in a very different style of home environment. Most people mainly from the furniture modeling, materials to judge the style of furniture, I do not know, painting on the furniture style also has an important impact. Today we'll take a look at coating.
    coating effect can be broadly divided into closed and open two categories. Closed coating refers to the natural texture of wood is completely covered by paint, all wood eyes are sealed, touch by hand, can not feel the texture of wood eyes. Depending on whether the wood texture can be visible, the closed coating is divided into transparent closed coating and solid color closed coating.
    transparent closed coating, refers to through the coating, wood texture is clearly visible, rich in layered and three-dimensional sense. One of the most popular styles at present is one of the transparent closed coating effects. Neoclassicalism is an improved classical style that combines East and West elements, elegance, harmony, bright colors and generousness, giving people an extraordinary degree of openness and tolerance. Neoclassical furniture retains the natural texture of wood materials, colors and so on, but also retains the traditional historical and cultural heritage, and abandons the overly complex texture and decoration, simplifies the lines, the romantic feelings of nostalgia and modern people's living needs perfect combination, compatible with the elegant and modern fashion, is nostalgic, pay attention to the taste of life, have a certain economic basis of successful people ideal.
    relative to transparent closed coating, solid-color closed coating can not touch the wood eye texture, also can not see the wood texture, the common modern style, European style is solid-color closed coating. Modern style furniture, simple shape, simple lines, against redundant decoration, with a strong sense of the times, suitable for the pursuit of fashion life of the crowd. European style furniture, elegant, high-end style, into the strong European classical culture, pay attention to finely crafted, with a strong sense of art, reflecting the master's noble taste in life, is the pursuit of elegant and noble life people's choice.
    open coating means that all the wood eyes of the wood are bare, in addition to the wood grain can be seen, but also can see the obvious wood catheter, touch can obviously feel the wood brown holes and patterns. Depending on whether the color of the substrate can be recognized after coating, open coating can be divided into transparent open coating and solid color closed coating.
    transparent open coating, in addition to the wood texture is clearly visible, through the coating can also identify the color of the substrate, the favored wood furniture is one of the representatives of transparent open coating. Wood furniture using natural wood as raw materials, natural, rustic, can bring warm home environment "wood fragrance", with open coating of natural texture, changeable form, let people return to the truth, return to nature, is the pursuit of natural life people ideal.
    the solid open coating substrate color is completely obscured compared to transparent open coating. At present, very popular Korean furniture is one of the representatives of solid open coating. Korean furniture, compared with European or Chinese furniture, simple and practical, giving people a calm, comfortable feeling. Elegant shape, detailed lines, like elegant mature women implicitly gentle but not publicity, exudes a calm and elegant atmosphere of life, is 80, 90, or even 00 after the younger generation of favorites.
    In addition to the above effects, there are many different external manifestations of retro, cracks, etc., but they have evolved from open and closed coatings, adapted to the changes of the times, meet people's needs, enrich and dress people's colorful lives.
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