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    Home > Medical News > Medical Research Articles > The clinical application for class 1.1 new drugs led by Shenyang Pharmaceutical University was accepted

    The clinical application for class 1.1 new drugs led by Shenyang Pharmaceutical University was accepted

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
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    Recently, new progress has been made in the development of major new drugs in Liaoning Province

    The application for clinical research registration of cytarabine hydrochloride valine ester and its tablet, a new drug of category 1.1, was submitted under the leadership of Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, and was accepted by the national food and drug administration

    Cytarabine, as a first-line clinical drug, is mainly used in the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia, acute lymphoid leukemia and lymphoma

    However, its poor membrane permeability and low metabolic stability make the oral bioavailability of cytarabine very low

    Therefore, intravenous injection must be used in clinical practice

    Professor He Zhonggui's research team of Shenyang Pharmaceutical University has developed valine ester hydrochloride tablets after many years of scientific research The drug greatly improved the oral bioavailability of cytarabine valine ester hydrochloride tablets

    Compared with the mother drug cytarabine, the oral bioavailability of cytarabine was increased from 21.8% to 60.0%

    It is completely suitable for oral administration

    It overcomes the limitations of the existing treatment of leukemia drugs, such as cytarabine, desitambin, azacytidine, etc., which can only be injected clinically, but not orally, It can greatly improve the indications of clinical patients, but also reduce the high treatment costs of patients

    After the industrialization of products, it will have broad economic and social benefits

    It is understood that the drug is the first in China, and has obtained the key support of national science and technology major special project of major new drug creation - comprehensive new drug platform, and has obtained two national invention patents.
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