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    The clinical data of sm-88, a new pancreatic cancer drug, is gratifying. Cancer king is expected to be conquered

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
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    The 21st world Gastrointestinal Cancer Congress of European Society of oncology has just come to an end, and sm-88, a new pancreatic cancer drug, has become the focus of the industryThis is mainly because tyme-88-panc, a phase 2 clinical trial of sm-88 in the treatment of pancreatic cancer, was published by Tyme technologies at this meetingThe data shows that sm-88, as a single drug, can significantly prolong the total survival period (OS) of patients with pancreatic cancer< br / > sm-88 how to subdue pancreatic cancer < br / > sm-88 is a new type of combination therapy created by Tyme technologiesIts mechanism is to break the metabolic circuit of cancer, that is, to break the metabolic process of cancer cells by using a proprietary dysfunctional tyrosine derivative, so as to destroy the key defense of cells and make them vulnerable to oxidative stress and death< br / > sm-88 is called a combination therapy because it is composed of four drugs: tyrosine derivative, rapamycin, phenytoin and methoxsalenAmong them, tyrosine derivative is the core of sm-88It can be absorbed by tumor cells like tyrosine (as a kind of non essential amino acid, it can be consumed by tumor cells, but rarely by normal healthy cells), but it will play the role of blocking protein synthesis after being absorbed, In particular, rapamycin can promote the uptake of dysfunctional tyrosine derivatives, phenytoin can increase the types of active lipids in tumor microenvironment to enhance the redox potential of cancer cells, and methoxsalen can improve the toxic electron transport and ROS generation< br / > the encouraging result of tyme-88-panc < br / > the research < br / > tyme-88-panc is an open label, multicenter, phase 2 clinical trial involving 49 patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer who received high-intensity radiotherapy, but only 38 of them can be evaluated according to the protocolThe primary endpoints of the study were remission rates assessed by the blinded independent central review (BICR), and other endpoints included progression free survival (PFS), overall remission rate (ORR), overall survival period (OS) as determined by the investigator, circulating tumor cell remission and orr as determined by the independent radiology review, and the safety and tolerability of this end-stage patient population< br / > as of April 25 this year, the median OS of sm-88 was 6.4 monthsOf the 25 patients who could be evaluated by imaging technology, 44% of them (11 patients) achieved partial remission (PR) or disease stability (SD)Sm-88 can not only significantly prolong the overall survival period, but also has good safety and toleranceThe trial found that patients with stable or partial remission had a 92% lower risk of death compared with patients with disease progression, and most of the patients who responded to sm-88 therapy still maintained their efficacy 7 months after receiving treatment< br / > pancreatic cancer is considered to be one of the most lethal cancers, also known as the "king of cancer", and most of them were found in advanced stage, which is the fourth most common cause of cancer death for men and women in the United StatesAccording to relevant data, the five-year survival rate of pancreatic cancer is only 8%, and the median OS of advanced pancreatic cancer is only 3 months< br / > but the most serious thing is that there is no particularly effective treatment drug at present Folfrinox (including 5-FU, leucovorin, irinotecan and oxaliplain) is the first-line treatment plan for pancreatic cancer, but the median survival time is about 10 months, and the toxicity is also very large Most importantly, once the patients are resistant to the first-line treatment, the effect of second-line and third-line treatment will not only be very poor, but also few patients can tolerate the standard dose treatment < br / > in recent years, immunotherapy has gradually shown some advantages in the treatment of pancreatic cancer, but there is still not much progress For example, immodulon therapeutics' imm-101 in the UK, aduro's crs207 in the US, Pfizer's CCR2 inhibitor pf-04136309, and pharmaengoine in Taiwan and Merrimack in the us jointly developed mm-398 Among them, imm-101 uses an inactivated bacterium Mycobacterium bouense as a vaccine and gemcitabine to treat pancreatic cancer Crs207 expresses the pancreatic cancer-related antigen mysothelin by removing two toxic genes of Listeria monocytogenes, while mm-398 is an irinotecan improved by sodium meter technology < br / > pancreatic cancer has a very high degree of malignancy, which has become a "graveyard" for drug research and development by the industry However, with the continuous efforts of various research and development enterprises, it is inevitable that cancer king will be conquered soon We are looking forward to the good news as soon as possible for the benefit of pancreatic cancer patients < br / > reference materials: < br / > [1] Tyme presentations updated data at ESMO GI 2019 from tyme-88-panc phase II study monitoring enabling overall survival trends in patients with advanced pancreatic cancer Retrieved July 5, 2019 < br / > [2] Tyme official website
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