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    The cornerstone of nano-drug delivery-the role of EPR effect in human tumors

    • Last Update: 2022-06-26
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    Recently, researchers from Tianjin University have developed an in vitro column model for real-time study of the role of EPR in human kidney tumors through X-ray computed tomography (CT).
    The relevant research results were published in the SCI journal Nanotoday

    High  permeability and retention effect (enhanced permeability and retention effect, EPR effect) means that some macromolecular substances (such as liposomes, nanoparticles and some macromolecular drugs) of specific sizes are more likely to penetrate into tumor tissues and stay for a long time (and normal Organizational comparison) phenomenon
    The EPR effect is known as the cornerstone of nano-drug delivery , and it is very important for the delivery of nanoparticles and liposomes to tumor sites

    However, due to the failure of many nanomedicines in clinical transformation and the weak EPR effect, compared with normal organs, nanomedicines only increase the delivery volume by 20-30%
    Although some current studies have found that the EPR effect can be improved by regulating tumor blood flow, tumor vasculature and stroma, or killing cancer cells to reduce their barrier function , the role of EPR effect in human solid tumors is increasingly being questioned
    In view of this, researchers such as Wenguang Liu of Tianjin University have developed an in vitro perfusion model to study the role of EPR in human kidney tumors in real time through X-ray computed tomography (CT)


    The researchers analyzed the EPR effect of 41 kidney tumors collected from clinical patients, and correlated their EPR effect in human tumors with the EPR effect in animal models.
    Unexpectedly, more than 87% of human kidney tumors It shows a considerable EPR effect, but it shows significant diversity and heterogeneity in different patients

    This study clarified for the first time that the role of EPR in renal tumors is positively correlated with tumor size, and found that male patients have significantly higher tumor EPR effects
    This provides an effective strategy for studying the role of EPR in human tumors, and provides a theoretical basis for the development of anti-tumor nano-drugs in the future

    References: Yuxun Ding, et al.
    Investigating the EPR effect of nanomedicines in human renal tumors via ex vivo perfusion strategy.
    Nano Today, 2020.
    DOI: 10.

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