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    The country is clear! It is forbidden to stop "one size fits all" and do 8 things well at the grass-roots level

    • Last Update: 2021-03-05
    • Source: Internet
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    Yesterday (January 22), the State Council to deal with the new crown pneumonia outbreak joint prevention and control mechanism medical treatment group issued "on the protection of the basic medical needs of the masses and do a good job in the prevention and control of infection in medical institutions notice."
    country is clear!  Prohibit medical institutions "one-size-fits-all" suspension of the state clearly, the provision of medical services is the primary responsibility of medical institutions, infection prevention and control is to ensure the quality and safety of medical basic requirements.
    While protecting the basic medical services of the masses, medical institutions must do a good job in infection prevention and control, and must not take "one-size-fits-all" measures such as one-off, one-letter and one-stop prevention and control of infections to affect the public's access to basic medical services.
    basic medical services and do a good job in infection prevention and control, is the two aspects of daily diagnosis and treatment of medical institutions, the two are not contradictory, should be done together, coordinated promotion.
    new task of epidemic prevention and control!  On the same day that the primary medical institutions did eight things well, the Grass-roots Department of the National Health and Health Commission issued a notice on furthering the prevention and control of the outbreak of neo-crown pneumonia in winter and spring (hereinafter referred to as the Notice).
    "Notice" calls for the effective strengthening of primary health care institutions "outpost" role, further enhance the early detection, reporting and response to the epidemic disposal capacity, solid "village report, township sampling, county testing" work basis, the specific content is as follows: 1. To detect suspicious situations as soon as possible, timely and standardized disposal of all places to speed up the establishment of heat clinics in conditional township hospitals and community health service centers.
    primary health care institutions should strictly implement the pre-screening misdiagnosis system and standardize the procedures for the treatment and disposal of fever patients.
    Township hospitals and community health service centers should establish and improve the mechanism of linking packages, guide medical personnel in village health rooms and community health service stations in the district to inquire and register medical history in detail in diagnosis and treatment activities, effectively improve early identification ability, report suspicious situations found as soon as possible, and ensure that clinical symptoms such as fever, dry cough, sore throat, olfactory (taste) loss, diarrhea and other clinical symptoms and suspected infection cases are promptly and standardized.
    rural medical and health institutions should cooperate with village committees to do a good job in health monitoring and protection guidance for key personnel returning home.
    2. To enhance the sampling capacity of primary nucleic acid "Notice" requirements, guide primary health care institutions to do a good job of nucleic acid sampling personnel training and preparation.
    Primary health care institutions that set up fever clinics (outpatient clinics) should sample and test nucleic acids for all fever patients, and those that do not have the ability to detect fever should provide testing services to fever patients through cooperation with other medical and health institutions or third-party testing institutions.
    3. Do a good job in the diagnosis and treatment of environmental disinfection management "Notice" clearly, primary health care institutions are mainly responsible for infection prevention and control responsibility.
    Primary medical institutions should strictly implement the Technical Specifications for Disinfection of Medical Institutions, do a good job in cleaning and disinfecting medical devices, appliances and articles, strengthen the disinfection management of the diagnosis and treatment environment, strictly handle respiratory secretions, excreta and vomit of patients, and strictly end-of-life disinfection.
    4. To ensure that chronic diseases and special diseases are equipped with drugs, the Notice mentions that close-knit county-level medical community resources should be strengthened to coordinate and coordinate efforts, to play the role of county-level hospitals "leading" to strengthen support for the work of the grass-roots level.
    , we will strengthen the provision of medicines for common chronic and special diseases in primary health care institutions to meet the needs of residents for medical treatment and treatment.
    . To do a good job in the vaccination of new coronary pneumonia actively encourage grass-roots institutions in vaccination to adopt a time-by-time appointment method, to avoid the gathering of people within the organization.
    All grass-roots vaccination units shall strictly follow the requirements of the Vaccine Management Law, the Code of Vaccination Work and the relevant precautions for new crown vaccinations, standardize the conduct of vaccination work, strictly implement the procedures of health inquiry, vaccination taboo verification, informed notification, information registration, "three checks and seven-to-one verification", post-vaccination observation, etc., and make preparations for the monitoring and disposal of suspected abnormal reactions as required.
    6. To continue to carry out grass-roots epidemic prevention and control publicity and education primary health care institutions should join forces with urban and rural community organizations, take the form of urban and rural community residents like to hear, and continue to strengthen epidemic prevention and control publicity and health education.
    Enhance residents' awareness of protection and fever after the first time report, medical awareness, advocate the Spring Festival period unnecessary non-flow, scientific wearing of masks, more hand washing, more ventilation, more disinfection, less gathering, less string doors, less walking around, to avoid crowd gathering, reduce the risk of spreading the epidemic.
    7. Online full training, proficient in epidemic prevention and control knowledge primary health care institutions through the online-based form to strengthen full training, master the new crown of epidemic prevention and control knowledge and skills.
    Strengthen the training and application of the Manual on Major Outbreak Prevention and Control Plans and Exercises for Primary Health Care Institutions, formulate prevention and control plans in different situations, identify responsible departments and responsible persons, refine process measures, organize regular exercises, and accelerate the upgrading of grass-roots capacity to deal with major outbreaks.
    8. Resolutely overcome paralysis thought, lucky psychology, loose mentality primary health care institutions should resolutely overcome paralysis thought, lucky psychology, relaxed mentality, further improve ideological awareness, maintain a high degree of vigilance.
    under the unified leadership of the local Party committee government and the administrative department of health and health, we should actively cooperate with urban and rural community organizations to firmly guard the grass-roots winter and spring epidemic prevention and control lines.
    through the above-mentioned series of measures, the primary health care institutions to play the role of surveillance and early warning of epidemic prevention and control, in urban and rural communities to build the first line of defense against the epidemic prevention and control.
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