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    The country's first "takeaway operators" were certified

    • Last Update: 2020-11-04
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    Digital new career towards specialization, standardization - the country's first "takeaway operators" certified
    " was previously into the takeaway platform, now almost every hour to see back-office data, and then timely adjustment of operations. Takeaway sales are now up by half from the same period last year! "Mu Hongxuan runs two light food restaurants in Kunming, Yunnan, and this year, she is pleased to find that the takeaway effect is really good.
    , is one of the first 62 takeaway operators in the country to be certified. They completed the training conducted jointly by the Education and Training Center of the Ministry of Human Services and the United States Mission, and were officially awarded certification certificates a few days ago.
    takeaway still need to be operated? Who won't take a takeaway? In fact, in the eyes of many practitioners, do not understand digital operations, the difference is really not small. From what dishes are on, what prices are set to how packages are matched and pictures are taken, online takeaways have a different logic than offline store operations. "It doesn't seem to make much difference, but the difference is in the details." Many catering practitioners said.
    " used to think that light food is a young girl like, and later through the analysis of data, found that 'post-90' love fitness boys and 'post-70s' focus on health-oriented middle-age groups are also very concerned. Knowing who the customer is is, marketing is more targeted. Miao Hongxuan gives such a small example. As the head of both stores, she herself has 10% of total sales from a less-than-strong interest in selling to one that now accounts for about 70% of total sales.
    earlier because of the initial takeaway do not understand the line, Miao Hongxuan also asked for foreign aid, such as the market takeaway operations, but the results are not ideal. "There's a mix of institutional fish and dragons in the market, and the one I asked to do for half a year didn't make much of an end. As soon as the contract expired, I wanted to learn by myself. When
    was wondering where she could sign up for study, the University of the United States opened a training course, and she "didn't hesitate to report it." It is understood that, including takeaway operations, online distribution, hotel revenue management and other courses, in the past year, the United States Mission University exported a total of 3839 courses, a cumulative training of more than 16.98 million people, covering 3.88 million merchants.
    , mei group university officially released 10 new digital professional talent growth system, covering takeaway operators, catering operators, hotel revenue managers, network distribution staff and other 10 positions, and jointly 20 ecological partners to launch an open partnership program to help the life service industry digital talent training.
    , co-founder of the U.S. Mission and president of the U.S. Mission University, said service consumption is an important engine of domestic demand growth in China, and digitalization is a powerful boost to the high-quality development of the service industry. At present, the digitalization of the service industry is still insufficient, and the shortage of digital talents is the main contradiction. The University will continue to work with governments, vocational colleges and enterprises to accelerate the cultivation of digital talents in the service industry.
    the future, more small merchants will have the opportunity to participate in industry learning. "Digital operations are what every caterer should have." Miao said. As the situation of epidemic prevention and control is positive, as early as April, she felt the recovery of the catering industry, coupled with digital operations, both stores this year than in the same period last year sales higher. With her new status as a takeaway operator, she is confident about the future: "This career is going to get better and better in the future!" "
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