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    The cross-border Haidilao is moving whose cheese and what is the ultimate meaning of Haidilao's service

    • Last Update: 2021-04-16
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    The industry believes that as the surviving hot pot stocks, Haidilao's achievements lie in his refined service and high branding.
    Behind the brand kingdom built by Haidilao is supported by a sound industrial ecological chain.
    Haidilao's service range basically includes all the needs of consumers before, during and after meals.

    Because of this, Haidilao has moved many non-catering cheeses invisibly.

    From nail art to food supply, from birthday services to e-commerce, Haidilao has become an out-and-out crossover.
    However, how much profit and growth there is for the cross-border Haidilao? How far can Haidilao run on the hot pot track with the micro-profit under the high cost?

    In this regard, this article will analyze the following three aspects:

    What are the main things being done in the cross-border Haidilao?

    Whose power has Haidilao borrowed on the cross-border road?

    What is the ultimate meaning of Haidilao service?

    Haidilao, whose cheese was moved?

    According to data from Enniu, in February this year, there was a financing information about the O2O service platform Xiu Nail in the nail field.
    Although the financing amount was not disclosed, it was this financing incident that brought the nail field to a small level.

    Throughout the entire nail art track, the financing rounds generally tilt forward, and the amount of financing is relatively low.

    At the moment, the nail industry is more dominated by street shops, and it is difficult to achieve a chain form.
    With low barriers to entry in the industry, crowded tracks, and unoptimistic capital, Haidilao, as a giant in the catering industry, seems to have taken part of the nail shop business.

    On the social platform Xiaohongshu, there are more than 40,000 notes about Haidilao nail art.
    In the search on Weibo, there are countless posts about Haidilao nail art.
    According to statistics, among consumers who go to Haidilao stores to eat, there are even some regular female consumers who choose to come to Haidilao to eat in order to do pre-dinner manicures.
    According to consumers' feedback on Haidilao nail art on social platforms such as Xiaohongshu and Weibo, Haidilao Nail Art's evaluation is even higher than that of most nail shops:

    The variety is rich, the duration is short, and the color is not easy to fade.
    With these three advantages, Haidilao nail art has beaten countless "competents".

    In fact, for Haidilao, the most important role of nail art is to drain traffic, the purpose is to reduce the irritability of consumers in the process of waiting and increase the rate of consumers entering the store.
    For consumers, Haidilao nail art is a free, additional catering service.

    Compared with the tens or hundreds of fees at a nail shop, Haidilao nail art is only a value-added service of the hot pot restaurant.

    Haidilao's cross-border move does not stop there.

    In June 2011, Shuhai, which was split from the Haidilao supply chain management system, is becoming a company that provides supply chain custody services for catering companies.

    On July 13, 2016, Yihai International, a hot pot base material and condiment business spun off from Haidilao, was listed in Hong Kong.
    As of today, Yihai International has become the second largest hot pot base material supplier in China, with a market share Achieved 7.

    Haidilao not only worked hard on condiments, but also moved its own base ingredients and self-heating hot pot into Taobao’s flagship store on Tmall.
    In addition, Haidilao began to vigorously deploy micro-mall.
    As of March 5, 2020, the number of members of the Haidilao official account reached 54.
    73 million.

    Relying on its huge brand influence, a large number of stores and a large number of customers, Haidilao has stepped on the three major outlets of community entrance, food supply chain, and e-commerce supply.
    Haidilao’s cross-border move is not just a pure crossover.
    What Haidilao really wants to do is a matrix business empire around catering.

    From a vertical point of view, Haidilao is actively expanding on the B2C side and continuously increasing the speed of opening stores in domestic and foreign markets.

    According to public data, as of March 17, 2020, Haidilao already has 696 stores.
    At the same time, Haidilao is also trying to incubate sub-brands.
    The number of brands incubated by Haidilao has exceeded 10.
    These catering brands focus on the positioning of delicious and inexpensive, reducing the storefront, using local specialty snacks as their main products, and streamlining them.

    In March 2019, Haidilao spent 204 million yuan to acquire U Ding, a Maocai brand, as well as Tianjin Xu Xiaoshu (Malatang), Shanghai Yuangu (under Yunnan cuisine brand), Beijing Jiayi pie (simple meal pie), etc.
    Expanded dish unit brand.

    From a horizontal point of view, Haidilao is also expanding to the B side.
    It is not difficult to know from the establishment of Shuhai.
    It can be said that the future of Haidilao is to transform from a company that provides consumers with hot pot services to a company.
    Not only provide services for consumers, but also provide services for the catering industry.

    02, a road that has to be taken

    To some extent, the branding of Haidilao is actually a product of Internet catalysis.

    In the era of underdeveloped mobile networks, most of the motivations for consumers to shop for consumption were word of mouth between relatives and friends.
    Since the mobile Internet has become a daily routine in people's lives, the mobile network has accelerated the speed of information circulation and the spread of Haidilao.
    Looking back at the timeline of Haidilao's development, Haidilao was established in 1994, but its real rapid development was after 2012.
    This period coincides with the development period of my country's mobile Internet.

    It was mentioned in the book "Tencent Biography" that it was from 2012 that smartphones suddenly emerged, and the user center of the Internet has moved from the computer to the mobile.

    With the rapid spread of the Internet, Haidilao quickly spread with characteristics different from hot pot restaurants that focus on ingredients, and consumers began to notice Haidilao's high-quality services.
    The popularity of traffic on social platforms has catalyzed Haidilao’s brand power and increased Haidilao’s brand awareness.
    The brand influence and brand awareness became the foundation of Haidilao's diversified business form.

    After all, whether it is self-heating hot pot, hot pot bottom material, or Haidilao cultural and creative, relying on the big IP of Haidilao.

    However, because of Haidilao’s brand appeal, for the traditional hot pot seasoning manufacturing industry, under the impact of Haidilao seasoning, it has accumulated many years of industry experience, technical knowledge, and channel access.
    It seems that in the Internet era Unbearable.

    However, it is worth noting that 96% of Haidilao’s current income comes from restaurant operations, while other businesses, mainly food delivery and condiments, account for only 4%.

    Does this mean that Haidilao’s crossover is actually not successful, and the market outside of hot pot is still a niche market that has yet to be explored.

    Haidilao's cross-border frontcourt and midfielder

    For Haidilao, whether it is nail art or hand care, the essence of these crossovers lies in service.

    Its ultimate goal is still to divert catering operations, but in addition to the services that consumers can freely choose, such as nail art and hand care, Haidilao's other service behaviors are interpreted as excessive services at certain moments.

    Ten years ago, Haidilao’s waiters took the initiative to deliver vegetables and fruits to customers, as well as for birthdays.
    Consumers who had never experienced such enthusiasm in mid-end consumer places were flattered.

    Ten years later, these behaviors have become inevitable behaviors under the system.
    According to employees who have worked in Haidilao, in Haidilao, an average of one birthday is given to customers once an hour.
    Consumers who have become accustomed to this have felt a burden.
    Haidilao began to become part of the consumer’s birthday.
    A restaurant that had to be avoided.

    In fact, these cross-border services launched by Haidilao, whether it is nail art or hand care, are differentiated strategies for different groups.
    Including Haidilao’s provision of small toys for children, baby dining chairs, thicker cushions, and even taking the initiative to help children, all of which are differentiated strategies.

    This differentiated competitive strategy allows Haidilao to be far ahead in the competition with its peers, and has improved its brand value with a good reputation.

    It is also due to the value-added nature of Haidilao's brand that the bargaining power of Haidilao stores has been strengthened.
    Just as the former Wanda shopping mall had a positive effect on the image of the city, Haidilao has a powerful role in attracting traffic to the business district.
    Some commercial districts have reduced the rent for Haidilao, and some stores can even be used without paying rent.
    This has saved Haidilao a large part of its operating expenses.

    However, it is a pity that Haidilao’s services are not impossible to replicate.
    Whether it is hand care or nail art, whether it is handing hot towels or providing small rubber bands, most mid-end restaurants can do it.
    In addition, Haidilao's dishes, food types and tastes do not have characteristics and advantages.

    This can be seen from the reduction in Haidilao’s turnover rate.

    Since 2019, Haidilao's rate of overturning has begun to drop.
    From 2015 to 2019, Haidilao’s turnover rate was 4.
    0, 4.
    5, 5.
    0, 5.
    0 and 4.
    By 2020, it will drop directly to 3.
    The reduction in the turnover rate is tangible bad news for Haidilao, which is profitable by virtue of high expenditure levels and high turnover.

    In recent years, Haidilao has also been eager to change and has begun to transform in the direction of intelligent services.
    The purpose is to create a smart restaurant through intelligent machines such as intelligent pot-dispensing machines, vegetable delivery robots, and telephone robots.

    What Haidilao wants to continue is the miracle of being at the forefront of the industry through high service levels ten years ago, which bursts out new sparks.

    But the obvious signal is that this time, it is clear that consumers are not buying it.

    The average moving speed of the Haidilao food delivery machine is close to the speed of human walking, and the response to obstacles is far less than that of humans, and it is difficult to meet the needs of Haidilao's customers.
    Secondly, hot pot culture has always been a popular and vivid culture in Chinese culture, not a cold machine.
    Before Haidilao built a smart internet celebrity restaurant, it ignored consumers' demand for cultural atmosphere.

    What Haidilao needs is a new story.

    Source: New Eye

    Note: All pictures in the article are reprinted on the Internet, and infringement will be deleted!

    Note: All pictures in the article are reprinted on the Internet, and infringement will be deleted!

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