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    The cultivation of high-quality varieties "hand in hand" is a good way to achieve efficient utilization of nitrogen fertilizer in paddy fields

    • Last Update: 2022-10-12
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    In September, the new nitrogen-efficient rice variety - Byou 1928 demonstration base located in Guihua Village, Wolong Town, Zitong County, Mianyang City, ushered in a "big test"

    The acceptance expert group of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Sichuan Province randomly selected the upper, middle and lower 3 fields in the demonstration area and collected and tested the production

    The expert group believes that the new nitrogen efficient rice variety B excellent 1928 has the characteristics of high quality, disease resistance and high yield, and the supporting cultivation technology formed is practical and efficient

    A sustainable way to nitrogen-efficient varieties

    What is nitrogen efficient? Nitrogen is one of the most important elements in rice growth, and it affects the biomass and yield

    The data show that China consumes 35% of the world's chemical fertilizers, and the amount of chemical fertilizer application is more than twice that of international standards, but the nitrogen fertilizer utilization rate of rice is only about 30%, which is about

    Therefore, the research team for the first time put forward the concept of targeted breeding of nitrogen-efficient rice varieties for production, and carried out research on

    At the same time, through the screening and creation of nitrogen efficient genes such as TCP19 and the genetic materials for resistance to rice blast and white leaf blight, the team transferred and polymerized the excellent trait genes found, and realized the accumulation

    "Compared with other rice, B-Yo 1928 has great variety advantages

    Economic and ecological benefits to achieve a "double harvest"

    In addition to cultivating high-quality varieties, the research team also uses crop production system simulation and decision-making technology and spatial information technology to achieve efficient use

    It is understood that the organic fertilizer part of the system replaces the efficient fertilizer operation technology of nitrogen fertilizer, the straw oxygenation return technology system, and the high-yield cultivation technology system of high-quality rice, which can make rice achieve multiple effects

    In addition, in order to solve the shortcomings of rural livestock breeding emissions and crop straw return, the team has also developed an organic fertilizer production process

    Through the combination of high-efficiency varieties and high-efficiency cultivation technology system, the overall utilization efficiency of nitrogen and phosphorus in paddy fields was increased by 5%-10%, and the B-excellent 1928 variety also reduced the amount of nitrogen fertilizer application by 16.

    "The large-scale promotion of B-excellent 1928 and supporting cultivation technology can not only reduce fertilizer input, reduce environmental pollution, and be friendly to the ecological environment; It can also save costs and increase efficiency, significantly improve the economic benefits of rice growers, and have good prospects for

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