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    The cumulative oil and gas equivalent of Bohai Oilfield exceeds 500 million tons

    • Last Update: 2022-04-29
    • Source: Internet
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      Recently, the reporter learned from China National Offshore Oil Corporation that China's important crude oil production base, the Bohai Oilfield, has cumulatively produced over 500 million tons of oil and gas equivalent, and the annual oil and gas production has maintained a steady upward trend

      "500 million tons of oil and gas can be used by a megacity with a population of 10 million like Tianjin for nearly a century.
    Bohai Oilfield has become an important supporting force to ensure national energy security
    " Wang Yu, manager of the production department of CNOOC Tianjin Branch, said

      According to reports, Bohai Oilfield was founded in 1965 and is the birthplace of China's modern offshore oil industry
    In the more than 50 years since it was put into production, more than 50 oil and gas fields in production and more than 180 production facilities have been built, with a cumulative proven oil in place of over 4.
    4 billion tons and natural gas in place of nearly 500 billion cubic meters.
    Good main oil field

      Especially during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, Bohai Oilfield innovatively formed the theory of "gas formation in lake basins" and "convergence ridge" oil and gas exploration and accumulation theory, which guided the discovery of the Bozhong 19-600 billion cubic meters condensate gas field and Kenli 6-1, Kenli 10-2 two billion-ton oilfields have won the "Top Ten Geological Prospecting Achievements in China" for two consecutive years; innovatively formed an offshore high water-cut late-stage oilfield with "fine reservoir description as the main line and enhanced oil recovery as the goal" The technical system was developed to support the continuous and stable production of old oilfields such as Suizhong 36-1
    At the same time, a number of major scientific and technological achievements such as the first localized underwater wellhead and Christmas tree sea trial project and the "New Excellent Express" drilling and completion pilot project have been promoted to achieve new progress in mine field trials, and the Qinhuangdao/Caofeidian offshore oil field group shore power demonstration project has been completed.
    Application projects, Qinhuangdao 32-6 Intelligent Oilfield (Phase I), Luda 21-2 Oilfield, the first demonstration platform for offshore heavy oil thermal collection in China, and a number of major demonstration projects, making history towards green development, efficient development and intelligent development sexual change

      Yan Hongtao, general manager of CNOOC Tianjin Branch, said that in the next step, Bohai Oilfield will focus on producing 40 million tons of crude oil, build a trillion-dollar gas area in the Bohai/Yellow Sea, and complete various production and operation tasks with high quality

      The reporter learned from CNOOC that Bohai Oilfield is vigorously promoting the "Seven-Year Action Plan", deepening the research on fine oil reservoirs, further tapping the potential of old oilfields, accelerating the production speed of new oilfields, and striving to achieve 40 million tons of oil and gas production by 2025.
    (Reporter Anna)

    From: Economic Information Daily


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