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    The Death of academician Chen Weizhu, father of contemporary cardiology in China, author of Practical Internal Science

    • Last Update: 2020-11-09
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    Chen Weizhu, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, an expert in cardiovascular diseases in internal medicine and a professor of internal medicine and doctoral tutor at Sun Yat-sen Hospital affiliated with Fudan University, died in Shanghai in the early hours of October 30, 2020 at the age of 96, the Guangming Daily reported.
    looking back at the medical path of academician Chen Yuzhu, it can be said that the real "writings and esothropoman", almost every doctor in the course of growing up, have learned Chen Yuzhu academician's "practical internal medicine."
    Photo Source: Chinese Academy of Sciences students recall: a real Chen Yuzhu academician Chen Yuzhu academician is an extremely detail-oriented person, in the winter to see a doctor, he will put his hands first hot and then contact the patient, the stethoscope also warmed up with his hands for a while and then attached to the patient's body.
    a student of chen Yuzhu told Lilac Garden that Chen was a very careful person: "childhood, primary school, university ... Information at all stages he saveds, meal cards, food stamps, and handwritten letters from academician Ge D.C. while he was a student in Germany... He kept it all.
    " Ge Junbo sent a letter to academician Chen Yuzhu, "Chen academician's English is very good, 90-year-old people, or insist on regularly come to the hospital to do English check room, to teach students."
    and Ge have separate offices in the hospital, and after Chen has checked the room, he usually returns to his office to rest.
    because the hospital in winter on air-conditioning heating time restrictions, less than the time determined not to heat, sometimes you will see Chen academician a person wrapped in thick down jacket sitting in the office.
    once I went to see him and he told me that he thought his office was out of specification and that academicians shouldn't have such a big office.
    the office is estimated to be less than 40 square meters, but he still feels too big to waste national resources.
    his eyes are very strange, one is myopia, one is an old eye, looking away and looking close are actually working with the same eye.
    " "Chen academician is China's first academician in the field of cardiovascular disease, but also the first elected academician."
    he is not superstitious about SCI this set, for many people are not optimistic about the book, but very interested.
    he has been editor-in-chief of Internal Science, Practical Internal Science, and Practical Cardiology for decades.
    more than 3,000 pages of Practical Internal Science, Chen insisted that every word be read by himself, and he insisted on translating Brauwald Cardiology.
    this year, writing a book is not a good errand, it is better to send articles with energy, it will take many years to finish writing, also can not win the prize, but many doctors are watching him write the book to grow up.
    " is not a good look, it is a good doctor on November 6, 1924, Chen Yuzhu was born in Hong Kong.
    because my father has been on the move all year round, "my mother has made a big difference to me, both as a man and as a student."
    " he remembers reciting poetry as a child, and his illiterate mother listening.
    even if he had the wrong back mother did not know, but her serious persistence deeply affected Chen Weizhu.
    15 years old, when his mother died suddenly of high blood pressure, Chen first felt the fragility of life.
    "That's one of the reasons I'm on the path to medicine, and I want to extend my life as long as possible," he said.
    " in 1943, Chen Weizhu with the first place in the school, graduated from The Guangdong North Branch of Qiong Cliff Middle School in Shaoguan, and then entered the Chinese Academy of Medicine, from then on on the road to medicine.
    this walk is 70 years.
    Photo Source: Xinhua News Agency, "The People's Doctor - I Have Been a Doctor for 70 Years" In 1948, Chen Yuzhu completed his undergraduate degree in medicine and was selected by the school to practice at Zhongshan Hospital, then the teaching hospital of the National Shanghai Medical College.
    In 1949, after the liberation of Shanghai, Chen Yuzhu completed his internship and became a cardiovascular clinician at the affiliated hospital of Shanghai First Medical College (now Fudan University Shanghai Medical College) for medical, teaching and scientific research in internal medicine and cardiovascular disease.
    In 1951, Chen Yuzhu responded to the call to join the Shanghai Anti-American Aid Medical Team, treated the wounded and sick transferred from the front line at the Second Army Hospital of the Northeast Military Region, and helped to create the Northeast Military Medical College (now the predecessor of the Southern Medical University), which was awarded the certificate of merit by the Ministry of Logistics and Health of the Chinese Civil Volunteer Army.
    January 25, 1951, the Shanghai Anti-American Aid to the DPRK Medical Surgery Brigade set out in the People's Park (photo source network) in the early days of the founding of New China, China's coronary heart disease is rare, the medical community does not know much about coronary heart disease, the expression of heart muscle used today Severe isoemia and necrosis of the "myocardial infarction" this disease name, still uses the term "coronary artery thrombosis", but coronary artery thrombosis does not all cause myocardial infarction, so it is not appropriate to use to represent myocardial infarction.
    1954, at the age of 30, Chen Weizhu, under the guidance of Professor Tao Shouqi, published an article on "myocardial infarction".
    this term caused a great stir in the medical field at that time, and later became a recognized diagnostic title in the field of cardiology in China.
    1972, Chen was promoted to director of the Department of Heart Medicine at Zhongshan Hospital, affiliated with Shanghai First Medical College.
    was elected a Fellow of the Chinese Academy of Engineering in 1997.
    In his life, academician Chen Yuzhu has been engaged in medical work 2 times, won 2 second prizes for national scientific and technological progress, 2 major contribution awards of the National Science Congress, 8 first prizes for provincial scientific and technological progress and teaching achievements, and 11 other grade awards.
    Chen Yuzhu said that one of the words that affected him the most was Fan Zhongdun's "Not for good, then for good medicine!" In 1954, 30-year-old Chen Weizhu published an article in the Chinese Journal of Internal Medicine, becoming the first doctor in China to propose the name "myocardial infarction".
    When the disease was rare in China, most heart patients suffered from rheumic heart disease caused by streptococcus infection, so not many doctors have treated patients with the disease, but also received less attention from doctors.
    based on a large number of foreign literature, he studied changes in the composition of diseases in hospitalized heart patients, inferring that the prevalence of coronary heart disease and even myocardial infarction is increasing, and that this conclusion may be high in the future.
    since then, he has completed three landmark "first cases" in China: China's first buried permanent pacemaker placement surgery, the first selective coronary artery angioscopic surgery, and the first in-vascular ultrasound.
    in the 1970s, Chen completed China's first large-scale survey of residents' blood lipid levels.
    first time in the international community to confirm the normal value of blood lipids of healthy people in China, on China's heart disease species changes, epidemic trends and prevention and control measures to take the lead in making tips.
    1976, the world's first treatment of quinine fainting with an oversized dose of isopropyl epinephrine was a major success.
    photo source: Fudan University Press he has published more than 350 papers over the years, more than 300 other articles, 12 books, more than 30 books.
    Editor-in-Chief of the Encyclopedia of Chinese Medicine - Cardiology, Internal Medicine, 3rd and 4th editions, Practical Internal Medicine, 10th to 14th edition, Practical Cardiology, 3rd and 4th editions, Clinical Application of Cardiac Cathetery, 1st and 2nd editions, and other national-level works, compiled more than 40 kinds of teaching materials.
    , one of the main founders of Contemporary Cardiology in China, said, "I've been studying a heart all my life."
    10 years of trees, centennity tree people in 2007, Chen Yuzhu academician set up "Fudan University Chen Yuzhu academician medical award fund", the fund by Chen Yuzhu academician and daughter Chen Wei, his wife Han Huihua donated RMB 1 million as the retention fund, the annual interest income for the family's economic difficulties and quality and excellent medical students.
    In 2015, in order to help more medical students and young physicians become talented, rally more social forces, and support Fudan University to train more high-quality, medically skilled outstanding medical talents, academician Chen Yuzhu decided to expand the size of the fund, broaden the use of the fund, the fund changed its name to "Fudan University Chen Yuzhu academician medical personnel training fund."
    Letter of Thanks to the Recipients of the Academician Chen Yuzhu Scholarship Photo Source: "The People's Doctor - 70 Years from Medicine" 2019, the 95-year-old Academician Chen Yuzhu still adheres to the first-line clinical position, insists on checking the room, teaching, and guiding the clinical work.
    70 years, he has trained three postdoctoral students, 52 doctoral students, and 24 master's degree students, esclying students who have attended his classes.
    the outbreak of new crown pneumonia, Fudan University's Chen Yuzhu Academician Medical Development Fund donated four times to assume the social responsibility of jointly fighting the epidemic.
    Since 2007, the fund has been dedicated to the training of medical personnel and medical poverty relief, supported more than 150 poor students to complete their studies, and under the Medical Poverty Reduction Program, it has trained more than 200 primary-level cardiologists and 18 cardiovascular interventional surgical teams in Yunnan Province, and has rescued 32 children with congenital heart disease and 16 patients with liver disease.
    he retired in 2019, academician Chen Yuzhu shared his motto of "learning hard to get new knowledge, thinking deeply about ideas, and doing results", sending a message to teachers and students: To keep working hard To learn, constantly acquire new knowledge, keep up with the pace of medical development, to further thinking and innovation on the basis of learning, to promote the independent development of Chinese medicine, and finally to practice and try bravely after countless practices and good plans.
    Photo Source: "The People's Doctors - 70 Years from Medicine" Professor Chen Yuzhu said, "I deeply love the cause of medicine, and as a people's doctor, I am proud;
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