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    The demand for food, chemical and other industries has surged, and the importance of packaging equipment has become prominent

    • Last Update: 2022-05-24
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      [ Chemical Machinery Equipment Network Industry News ] Packaging machine refers to a machine that can complete all or part of the product and commodity packaging process, mainly to complete weighing, filling, wrapping, sealing and other processes, as well as related pre- and post-processes, such as cleaning, stacking Coding and disassembly, etc.
    ; in addition, processes such as measuring or stamping on packages can also be completed


    Chemical Machinery Equipment Net Industry Dynamic Chemical Machinery Equipment Packaging Machine
      On the whole, there are many small and medium-sized enterprises in China's packaging machinery
    industry, with small scales, weak independent research and development capabilities, few high-starting enterprises, many low-level repetitive constructions, and weak comprehensive competitiveness.
    There are no well-known brands in the world .

    Packaging Machinery
      In terms of geographical distribution, the top five regions in China in terms of production of packaging special equipment in 2020 are Guangdong, Jiangsu, Fujian, Zhejiang and Shanghai
    Among them, Guangdong Province completed a cumulative output of 90,900 units, accounting for 34.
    52% of the country's total output, a year-on-year increase of 10.



      Packaging machinery and equipment can be divided into four types, providing packaging forming machinery and equipment, such as carton machine, bottle blowing machine, carton machine and paper bag machine, etc.
    ; packaging equipment for packaging, such as filling machines in the beverage industry, Sealing machines, carton sealing machines, etc.
    ; labeling machines, baling machines and coding machines that perform labeling and coding after the packaging is completed; and other auxiliary packaging equipment, such as bottle feeding machines, edge sealing machines, weighing machines machine



      Fully automatic heat shrink packaging machine has been widely used in food, medicine, daily chemical, chemical, hardware and other major industries.
    It not only has high work efficiency, but also is suitable for packaging items of various sizes and shapes

    The automatic heat shrink packaging machine is composed of sealing and cutting machine and shrinking machine equipment, which can complete the process of sealing and shrinking

    The difference between it and the semi-automatic L-shaped sealing and cutting machine is that the electromechanical eye sensor automatically supplies the film, and then the semi-automatic sealing and cutting machine supplies the film manually

    Automated shrink wrapping equipment is easier for operators to use



      It is worth noting that the increase in market demand for packaging machinery and equipment has largely stimulated the technological upgrading of the industry
    The new packaging mode with intelligent and automatic functions will gradually replace the traditional and is expected to become the mainstream in the future



      In addition, the automatic aluminum foil sealing machine has also been widely used in the food industry
    When using the automatic aluminum foil sealing machine, a thin layer of silicon oxide is plated on the plastic and other substrates, so that the material has high microwave permeability, high barrier properties and transparency, so that the food that needs to be sealed can be fully guaranteed



      However, in order to prevent the pollution of bacteria and external pollution sources, the main circuit of the aluminum foil sealing machine equipment and automatic aluminum foil sealing machine adopts the full-bridge rectifier inverter circuit and solid-state integrated circuit technology to make the sealing effect more uniform
    There is no doubt that this is very important for food safety



      Green environmental protection and low-carbon energy saving are the environmental themes that will remain unchanged in the future.
    For the packaging industry, which is closely related to people's lives, how to improve machinery, how to better conform to the concept of green production, and how to make production safer, more refined and more efficient Many issues such as suitability for demand are topics that must be considered in advance by relevant parties in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain



      Original title: The demand for food, chemical and other industries has surged, and the importance of packaging equipment is highlighted
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