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    The development bottleneck and potential of water-powered wood paint in China

    • Last Update: 2021-02-24
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    News: In recent years, China's
    industry has been developing rapidly, since the total production of coatings reached 10 million tons in 2011, China has become the world's largest paint producer. However, China'
    water-powered wood paint
    has been developed for nearly two decades, has always been a fire, the road to development is slightly longer. The main reason is due to the lack of understanding
    wood lacquer and defects in production technology.
    water-based paint is the perfect alternative to traditional oily paint, it replaces organic solvents with clean water, manufactured through scientific water-based processes, environmental performance is more prominent, the prospect can be described as "attractive." However, China's water-like wood paint technology started late, in the production conditions, technological advanced, product stability and other aspects of defects. The relatively high cost has also left many consumers hesitant.
    If you want to break through the current water-based wood paint market "hot market, cold market" bottleneck, in addition to the need for the Government to vigorously advocate publicity, but also need
    passing manufacturers
    in the production technology and construction process has made a breakthrough.
    digital color, in the field of water-like wood paint painstakingly studied for nearly two decades, and finally in the production of a set of advanced water-color paint production technology and coating construction program. To stable and reliable products and attractive coating effect (its own production technology is good or bad, but also to see the coating effect) in the market has been generally favored by consumers. We can fully believe that the spring of water-color paint is coming, and digital water-colored wood paint will also occupy a place.
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