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    The development characteristics of pharmaceutical machinery industry are more and more distinct

    • Last Update: 2013-12-05
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    Under the economic globalization, the direction of China's pharmaceutical mechanism manufacturing industry: from technology center to concept center, clear industry objectives: some entrepreneurs in China blindly expand production without knowing the nature of their own industry, and the brand concept awareness is not strong In recent years, the pharmaceutical machinery industry has developed rapidly under the regulation of national policies and market allocation From the perspective of domestic reality, domestic pharmaceutical equipment can well adapt to GMP transformation However, there are still many problems in the pharmaceutical machinery industry With the continuous development of the market, the characteristics of the development of pharmaceutical machinery industry are more and more distinct, which is reflected in the comprehensive utilization of modern high and new technology The trend is four: flexibility, agility, intelligence and informatization China's machinery manufacturing industry is in the exploration period, and the development of private enterprises is even more difficult In pharmacy In the trend of the overall development of machinery, Chinese enterprises should first position themselves as the vanguard of the industrial foundation of our country, actively establish their own brand, strengthen the brand effect and crisis awareness, have their own brand characteristics and corporate culture concept, and the development soul is also the factor that determines the development direction of the machinery manufacturing industry, and create a unique enterprise in this era of economic and technological globalization Development mode and concept Strengthen the investment in scientific research and the cultivation of talents, and reserve talents for the high-tech development of the future machinery industry: at this stage, many entrepreneurs are willing to invest the money they earn in charity that can reduce taxes, but few are willing to invest it in the field of education It is a good phenomenon that special scholarships set up by enterprises in Colleges and universities of our country encourage college students to achieve in all aspects 。 If Chinese pharmaceutical machinery enterprises want to go further in the globalized world, they should invest in development in various ways The industry's soft power and hard power should be grasped together, and they should move forward towards the development trend of the times Domestic pharmaceutical machinery enterprises should lay a good foundation at this stage, and constantly promote the optimization of industry structure and market mechanism.
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