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    The difference between PU and NC wood paint Seven differences to look at carefully

    • Last Update: 2020-12-29
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    Water paint, this let furniture and other related industries both look forward to and worry, so that the community longing for 100% environmental protection and health paint products, after more than a decade of ups and downs of the development of the birth of the birth of the ups and downs, has long entered our line of sight. However, the vast majority of water paint products sharing the name of water paint can not be in the coating of film features, quality, money and maneuverability and other aspects of the ideal effect, but because of immaturity, deeds or take a cheap secondary way, the market has created a lot of fear of water paint, complaints, antipathy and other emotions, coupled with the original paint inertia and resistance, regardless of good or bad water paint are encountered by the eight sides of the enemy, the situation. In fact, there are high-quality water paints on the market that carry unique water-based resin core technology and exquisite lacquering techniques, so you'll be amazed at the development of water paints in our country and satisfied with your wise choices if you focus on your choices and test them carefully.
    wood paint has always been known for environmental protection, but also now home decoration owners choose more varieties of paint, the current market wood paint mainly NC, PU, W three, then pu and nc wood paint is the difference, the following we go to understand:
    pu and nc The difference between wood paint:
    pu and nc wood paint difference: 1, environmental protection
    wood paint are more environmentally friendly, but NC wood paint environmental protection is relatively poor compared to PU paint, easy to yellow, plumpness and high gloss effect is also worse.
    the difference between pu and nc wood paint: 2, hardness
    NC paint is nitro paint, PU is polyester paint, in hardness NC paint is lower than PU paint, PU paint film is more hard, with coins light stroke generally no scratches, and NC coins a stroke certainly have.
    the difference between pu and nc wood paint: 3, refurbished repair
    PU and NC wood paint in the renovation repair is very different, NC paint film can be repaired, and PU paint film can not be repaired.
    the difference between pu and nc wood paint: 4, coating cost
    NC wood paint construction several degrees, compared to PU wood paint, coating costs are high.
    the difference between pu and nc wood paint: 5, construction convenience
    NC wood paint construction is convenient and fast, paint drying speed is also fast, and PU wood paint on the construction environment requirements are high, after painting time is limited, the layers must be polished, strict ratio, is the construction convenience on PU wood paint is no more than NC wood paint.
    pu and nc wood paint difference: 6, solvent
    identify NC and PU wood paint people commonly use Tianna water and other solvents, drop a few drops on the surface of the paint film, can dissolve is NC paint, can not dissolve is PU paint.
    the difference between pu and nc wood paint: 7, suitable for the
    NC wood paint suitable for The United States coating process, that is, a variety of crafts inside the home need to paint more, if it is ordinary home decoration large area paint generally with PU paint.
    wood paint is also classified, NC, PU, W is the three most common wood paint, each paint has its own characteristics, different, owners in the purchase of the time to identify.
    1, familiar with the size of the production enterprises
    to the history of global economic development, the birth of high-tech products, development, new technologies, new products are mostly in the hands of small and medium-sized, new enterprises, because this is their "secret weapon", so, high-tech products Production enterprises may be very weak, but most large enterprises are not willing to sacrifice vested interests and invest in high-tech new products to eliminate their own best-selling traditional products, or its own talent structure and other aspects of the lack of technical basis, so the size of the enterprise is not the basis for your choice of water paint.
    2, face up to the original core technology concerns
    choose to have original high-tech enterprises, such as water-based resin development and synthesis, such enterprises in addition to high-quality new products and high-quality products, but also more able to adapt to your product needs, while the money and quality can be more controlled.
    3, look at the money do not look at the unit price
    now is the water paint technology, product differences are very large period, with the paint homogenization is significant, you can use the unit price description title is different, now the unit price of water paint simply can not explain the cost and other, often low unit price of the majority of products simply can not be used! It should be based on measured and comparative testing, and it is most fair to include the comprehensive factors such as eliminating fire safety hazards, reducing the difficulty of use, improving production efficiency, reducing staff turnover, reducing the rate of occupational diseases and reducing the difficulty of treatment.
    4, the surface of the water paint to check the
    taste: can not have a strong pungent taste, can not have a strong smell of alcohol, not to have a strong smell of additives;
    shape: generally not thick paste and feel oily transparent or transparent emulsion, such products are poor resin, easy to fall off, dry slow, afraid of water and easy cracking;
    nature: look directly at the packaging inside the product emulsion, do not precipitate, dispersion average for the top product, which can reduce the difficulty of application or avoid product spoilage, in addition to specially designed products
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