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    The difference between the Galeball valve and the butterfly valve

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    the difference between the garecopper valve, the gare butterfly valve, the Garee cut-off valve, the Garee soft joint, the Garee filter, the Garee check valve, the gare-check valve, the garee compensatorball valve and the butterfly valve is that the open and closed piece of the butterfly valve is a plate The ball valve is a ball, the butterfly valve valve plate and ball valve core are around their axis for rotation altogether movement;butterfly valve is characterized by fast opening and closing speed, simple structure, low cost, but the tightness and pressure capacity is not goodBall valve characteristics and gate valve similar, but, by the volume and open and closed resistance restrictions, it is difficult to achieve large caliberball valve in the process of opening and closing is under the tight force of the two ends of the valve seat, it is larger than the hemispheric valve opening and closing moment, the more obvious the difference between the opening and closing moment of the nominal diameter, the butterfly valve's opening and closing is to overcome the deformation of rubber to achieve, the torque is greaterAnd the gate valve, cut-off valve operation time is long and laborious. the structural principle of the-Gale butterfly valve is particularly suitable for making large-diameter valve butterfly valve butterfly plate mounted in the diameter direction of the pipeIn the cylindrical passage of the butterfly valve body, the disc-shaped butterfly plate rotates around the axis, the rotation angle is between 0 and 90 degrees, and when the valve is rotated to 90 degrees, the valve is fully openIts structure is simple, low cost, adjustable range is largethe gelding ball valve is usually suitable for non-particle impurities of liquids, gases, fluid pressure loss is small, good sealing performance, high costBy comparison, the seal of the Gareth ball valve is better than the butterfly valvethe gearet valve seal is a long-term squeeze on the sphere, it is more than hemispheric valve certainly wear faster, the seal of the Garet ball valve is usually using flexible materials, but also difficult to use in high temperature high-pressure pipethe geare butterfly valve seal is rubber as an intermediary, it is far from the metal hard seal performance of hemispheric valve, ball valve and gate valvehemispheric valve long-term use, the valve seat will also produce trace wear, it can continue to use by adjusting, stem and filler in the opening and closing process valve stem only need to rotate 90 degrees, there are signs of leakage, and then press the filler pressure cap bolt a little, you can achieve no leakage at the root of the plate, while other valves are still small leakage barely used, large leakage to replace the valve.
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