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    The domestic market share of high-end medical equipment is less than 20%, and there is a lot of room for import substitution in the future

    • Last Update: 2022-01-22
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    Recently, the news of the national centralized procurement of dental implants at the national level has aroused attention and heated discussions in the industry.
    The centralized procurement adopts the principle of "exchange price with quantity", or squeeze out the "moisture" of dental implants, so that "one tooth is one suite".
    "It has become history, and it will also force the market of 100 billion yuan to change, change the situation that imported products occupy more than 90% of the market share, and accelerate the substitution of dental implants for imports

    In recent years, "domestic substitution" is no longer a new word.
    In the pharmaceutical industry, with the advancement of policies such as centralized procurement, the pace of domestic substitution is accelerating in the fields of medicines, medical equipment, and consumables

    Not only the pharmaceutical industry, but also the pharmaceutical equipment upstream of the pharmaceutical industry is gradually transforming from low-end to mid-to-high-end, moving towards the goal of accelerating the realization of import substitution

    Pharmaceutical equipment (Source: Pharmaceutical Network) The market demand for high-end medical equipment will continue to expand.
    With the release of a series of medical reform policies such as , consistency evaluation, the entire industry has been accelerating its transformation and upgrading in recent years, and the needs and requirements for medical equipment have also changed.
    Quality, energy saving and environmental protection, reduce costs for enterprises,

    In this context, the original low-end medicine machine equipment has been unable to meet these new production requirements, and the entire industry medicine machine urgently needs to transform towards the high-end direction

    At the same time, in recent years, emerging drugs represented by monoclonal antibodies and ADC drugs have continued to emerge, and the entire biopharmaceutical market has shown vigorous vitality.
    In the process of commercialization of these products in the future, high-end pharmaceutical equipment will naturally be inseparable With the support of the whole pharmaceutical machine industry, the demand for high-end products will continue to expand

    In addition, the policy also supports the development of high-end pharmaceutical machines

    In September 2021, China's four departments jointly issued the "Guiding Opinions on Expanding Investment in Strategic Emerging Industries to Cultivate and Strengthen New Growth Points and Growth Pole", which proposed to focus on supporting the production of high-end medical equipment and pharmaceutical equipment and other high-end equipment, and implementing intelligent manufacturing.
    Pilot demonstration of intelligent construction

    With the support of favorable policies, it will stimulate the enthusiasm for R&D and manufacturing of domestic equipment enterprises, help the entire industry to accelerate the transformation towards intelligent manufacturing, and release new vitality in the market

    In the future, there is a lot of room for domestic substitution.
    At present, how is the development of the domestic high-end medical equipment market?
    In the institutional research activity released by Chutian Technology in early January, it was mentioned that in terms of high-end medical equipment, the domestic market has a share of 10-15%, and about 10-15 billion is imported from abroad

    It consists of vaccine companies, biopharmaceutical companies and foreign-funded pharmaceutical companies with wholly-owned factories in China

    Compared with the foreign high-end pharmaceutical machine market, the domestic high-end pharmaceutical equipment market still has huge space to be tapped.
    The import substitution space in the field of medicine machine is relatively large

    It is understood that many pharmaceutical machine companies have accelerated their layout in terms of replacing imports

    For example, at the end of 2021, Chutian Technology stated in an institutional survey that the company has been deploying import substitution in the high-end market of vaccine products a few years ago, and the product performance and quality have been able to meet the needs of high-end customers, thus entering the supply of high-end vaccine industry.
    The chain can compete with imported equipment on the same stage

    The company said that with the opportunity of providing vaccine pharmaceutical equipment, it has entered the supply chain system of the high-end pharmaceutical market, and the impact on Chutian is long-term and comprehensive

    For another example, in September 2021, Canaan Technology predicted that there are three main areas for future growth in the industry.
    One of the factors is the demand for high-end products that are replaced by imports.
    In addition, the high-end market in the international market will usher in more opportunities for product exports.
    , it can be seen that the company will also make efforts towards import substitution and the international market

    It is worth mentioning that most of the high-end medical equipment belongs to high-precision equipment, which started late in China and has the characteristics of high technical barriers, which poses great challenges to the research and development capabilities of pharmaceutical machine companies

    In the domestic high-end pharmaceutical machine market, foreign pharmaceutical machine giants such as Germany and Italy have long occupied the main market share of domestic high-end pharmaceutical equipment by virtue of their advantages in capital, technology, talents, equipment, and research and development

    However, domestic pharmaceutical machinery enterprises still have certain shortcomings in these aspects.
    Therefore, in the process of moving towards import substitution, domestic pharmaceutical machinery enterprises still need to attach great importance to R&D strength and talent strength, and also need more favorable policy support.
    , in order to open a new landscape in the high-end pharmaceutical machine market

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