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    Home > Food News > Nutrition News > The efficacy of water moths and these methods can help us stay away from alcoholic liver.

    The efficacy of water moths and these methods can help us stay away from alcoholic liver.

    • Last Update: 2020-07-29
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    The efficacy and methods !-- of the entry-water moth can help us stay away from alcoholic livers!-- Post Author: !--: Health Encyclopedia !--/Post Author and Post Date -- many people like to drink and many people like to use alcohol to release themselves

    And drink ingress, will have a relatively large impact on the liver, will make the alcoholic liver closer to us

    The efficacy of water moths and these methods can help us stay away from alcoholic liver

    1, control alcohol to solve the problem of the fundamental method and the fastest way is to eliminate the problem from the source

    Alcoholic liver refers to liver problems caused by long-term heavy drinking, and the best way to stay away from alcohol is to stay away from alcohol

    Most of the alcohol contains alcohol, which is quickly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, and more than 90% of the alcohol content is mainly metabolized in the liver

    Ethanol in liver cells catalyzes ethanol to produce acetaldehyde, which has a direct stimulating effect on the liver

    And many people also said that the truth is understand, but business will inevitably encounter the need for compensation occasions, related to livelihood, can only drink

    For this situation, want to conserve the liver, away from the alcohol liver, then before drinking alcohol measures to do well

    2, drinking measures on an empty stomach drinking will accelerate the liver and alcohol exposure opportunities, will also hurt the stomach and other digestive areas

    You can eat something before you drink, or you can eat something while you drink

    While drinking, eating, the amount of time the wine stays in the stomach will increase, alcohol will be disturbed by stomach acid, the absorption process will be slowed, can reduce the direct damage to the liver of alcohol

    After drinking, you can choose fructose, a nutrient, to speed up the removal of alcohol from the body

    Common many people after getting drunk, like to soak honey water to detoxify wine, because honey contains most of the fructose, can help us wake up

    3, supplementary nutrition in addition to drinking before drinking to do a good job of the corresponding measures, often drinking people, need to give the liver to supplement suitable nutrition, such as water moth

    So what is the effect of water moths? Water moth is a kind of chrysanthemum plant, the component of which is a natural liver preservation component, which has the function of removing free radicals, anti-lipid peroxidation, protecting liver cells, promoting liver cell regeneration, anti-liver fibrosis, etc

    And to the liver to supplement nutrition, water moth sesame can also and Gegen, dansan, five flavor and other ingredients, these nutrients together, can help us to the liver to supplement nutrition, to alleviate the adverse effects of excessive drinking

    Water moths for one or two years of orange terrier chrysanthemum plants, alias milk

    Now China has planted in Shaanxi, Gansu, Heilongjiang and other places, and is used for liver protection

    Most are red-purple, less white, and its seeds contain the natural product of flavonoids, hydromyelin

    Hydrophilic is an antioxidant that can strengthen the stability of the outer membrane of liver cells and help us maintain the liver, Gegen has the effect of controlling inflammation, promoting liver cell differentiation and proliferation, can also accelerate alcohol metabolism, has a certain effect of detoxification, and in the Herb Outline, there is an introduction to Dansan "live blood, passomy envelope" can be seen the effect of dansan live blood

    Five miso, is a red fruit, its extract can help the synthesis of liver cells protein and glycogen, can promote the regeneration of liver cells, repair, but also can promote the activity of enzymes, improve the ability of the liver to detoxify

    Want to supplement the above nutrition, you can try to townhouse water moth Gegendan ginseng tablets

    Tangchen Pepper water moth Gegendan ginseng tablets, containing water moth extract, gegen extract, dansan extract, five-flavored extract, four kinds of herbal synergy, 2 times a day, each time 2 tablets, can help us to maintain the liver

    Away from the alcoholic liver, do the above measures and then with The townhouse water flying Gegendan ginseng tablets, for the liver is a good way

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