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    The electrophoretic paint process used in the trailer is analyzed!

    • Last Update: 2022-09-21
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    Why should the trailer be painted

    Before introducing the electrostatic spraying process, Xiaobian would like to tell you why the trailer is painted: First of all, the structural parts of the trailer are steel, which belongs to outdoor products, as long as it leaves the factory, it will have to withstand the test
    of all the time.
    Wind and sun, gravel impact, wear paint of goods, acid and alkali in contact with rainwater, acid in the air, and so on

    Therefore, the primary role of spray paint is to protect the trailer, the paint on the surface of the general trailer belongs to the hardware paint, the internal structural parts are first pickled, passivated, baked and then sprayed, and then baked at a high temperature of 200-250 degrees, which forms a commonly known spray paint on the surface of the car; After the surface of the steel (spray paint) is painted, the surface paint can resist acids and alkalis, thereby extending the life of the trailer Paint coatingol.

    In addition, if customers who buy trailers like different colors, or different manufacturers have different effects, then the painting process can also meet a variety of people who
    have different needs for colors.

    The end of the hand-painted curtain

    Therefore, after the above, everyone should understand that a trailer is good or not, in addition to its own steel, the paint surface is often one of the criteria for measuring the durability of a

    Previously, manual painting was used to paint the trailer, which was simple in process and low in cost, so the general quality of trailers would use manual painting
    And the low-cost process must have its defects:

    The dead corner of the hidden place cannot be sprayed; 2.
    The thickness of the paint surface is uneven, and the gap is large; 3, bending, squeezing after easy to remove paint, paint surface corrosion resistance, rust ability is poor, not durable; 4, loss, waste of energy, not environmentally friendly

    It is not an exaggeration to say that a good trailer, if manual painting is used, then the paint surface can last for three or four years, and then it is very difficult
    to go up.

    Interest in electrophoretic paint

    Therefore, electrophoretic paint came into being, since the 1950s, the first electrophoretic coating process line has been put into use in the automotive industry, and gradually popularized, the technology is becoming more and more mellow
    In the trailer industry, the technology of electrophoretic paint has not been put into use until recent years, for no other reason than one thing: the entire set of expensive electrophoretic paint equipment, ordinary car companies simply can not afford
    However, now with the upgrading of technology, the cost has decreased, and the trailer has just demanded electrophoretic paint, so the electrophoretic paint has gradually increased

    How electrophoretic paint works

    Electrophoretic paint, also known as electrophoretic paint, there are many people who still use the name of "electrophoretic paint" instead of "electrophoretic paint"
    As defects in conventional spraying continued to emerge, electrophoresis began to become more and more common
    Electrophoretic paint has also begun to be continuously updated, from anode electrophoresis paint to cathodic electrophoresis paint, from one-component electrophoresis paint to two-component electrophoretic paint, the development of electrophoretic paint has also promoted the development of electrophoretic coating, so that more products no longer use spraying technology but use electrophoresis

    Electrophoretic coating is to immerse the conductive coating in a relatively low concentration of electrophoretic coating tank diluted with water as an anode (or cathode), and set up its corresponding cathode (or anode) in the tank, after indirect direct current at both poles for a period of time, a special coating method
    is deposited on the surface of the coating to be uniformly fine and not dissolved by water.
    In fact, the principle is also very simple to summarize, that is, by letting the material conduct electricity, forming adsorption
    The material is immersed in electrophoretic paint through the positive and negative electrodes and adsorbed

    The advantages of the trailer using electrophoretic paint

    Because it is immersed in the paint, and it is through the adsorption of positive and negative electrons, so the trailer coated by electrophoresis, the body will not have a "hidden place", any dead angle will be covered by paint, and the trailer paint surface after electrophoresis is thin and uniform, and most importantly, the paint surface is really made into the first protective line of the body!


    In fact, after the trailer passes electrophoresis, although the corrosion resistance and wear resistance can be improved, the lift is not big, and it depends on another thing topcoat process
    It turns out that electrophoretic paint is only a primer, and the process of topcoat is also crucial
    In the process selection of topcoat, general manufacturers will choose to spray paint, and manufacturers who pursue higher quality will choose the way of
    spraying powder.

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