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    The expert group of International Crane Foundation visited Jiangxi Province to investigate the protection project of white crane

    • Last Update: 2008-11-03
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    Introduction: International Online Nanchang news on August 30 (reporter Zhou Yu in Jiangxi): Recently, the China project expert group of International Crane Foundation visited Poyang County, Jiangxi Province to investigate the white crane GEF project

    The unique natural wetland conditions in Poyang County breed rich wild animal resources

    The lake wetland attracts a large number of wintering migratory birds from Siberia and Northern China every year

    There are more than 310 kinds of wetland birds and more than 150 kinds of wintering waterfowl

    Among them, there are 54 kinds of wildlife under the first and second level national protection, such as white crane, Oriental White Crane and Red Crowned Crane In Poyang Lake area, the number of white cranes overwintering reached 98% of the global total

    According to the relevant regulations, through field investigation, scientific analysis and careful site selection, the county has preliminarily determined that zoujia village group of Longkou village, Lianhu Township and Jinghua village of Shuanggang town are listed as the recommended project area for white crane protection

    GEF is an international organization for the protection of white cranes

    After arriving in Poyang, the expert group listened to the basic situation, organization and management plan, local support measures, and current plan of specific project activities of the project area of the white crane protection proposal project area in Poyang County; made in-depth field visits to Longkou village and Jinghua village, and at the same time, they had a detailed understanding of the local traffic situation, aquatic resources, environmental protection awareness Love birds and protect birds

    They praised the local good ecology and beautiful environment, and fully affirmed the county's ecological protection and the protection group of rare wild animals

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