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    The factors that affect the cost of anti-corrosion coatings in anti-corrosion construction

    • Last Update: 2021-01-19
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    China Paint Online News Information: In the anti-corrosion construction of anti-corrosion paint (paint), in addition to the quality of anti-corrosion paint, technical services are complete and other factors, cost is also a very important factor. So, what factors affect the cost of anti-corrosion coatings?
    1 coating film thickness
    Although strictly speaking, the building coating should also have film thickness requirements, but most of the builders do not pay attention to this, but more on the cover force and color and other finish effect requirements. Completely different from architectural coatings, anti-corrosion coating of anti-corrosion paint film thickness has strict requirements, because different coating film thickness will produce different anti-corrosion properties, the international standard ISO12944 for this purpose specifically listed in a variety of corrosion environment conditions, different anti-corrosion design years of the film thickness requirements, the worse the corrosion environment, the longer the anti-corrosion period, the thicker the film thickness requirements, in other conditions, the more paint dosing, the higher the cost of the corresponding anti-corrosion coating.
    2 The solid content of paint
    solid content is an important paint performance parameter, assuming that the solid content of a paint is 60%, that is to say, 40% of each unit of paint material will be volatile, only 60% as film-forming material left, so under the rated film thickness, the higher the solid content, its unit material The larger the coating area, the following is the relationship between the theoretical coating rate and the solid content:
    the theoretical coating rate of the solid content (%) x 10 / dry film thickness
    then, the higher the solid content, the larger the coating area of the unit material, in other words, the less paint per unit area, the lower the corresponding material cost.
    3 Loss Control
    Throughout the coating process, paint loss is caused by a number of factors, such as:
    (1) roughness loss (3-10%), suitable roughness does not exceed one-third of the total thickness of the coating. The greater the roughness, the greater the loss.
    (2) paint distribution loss (roller brush 5-15%, airless spray: 15-30%): loss due to uneven coating distribution. Because the dry film thickness is controlled according to the principle of 90-10 or 80-20, the average film thickness will usually exceed the design film thickness, some parts of the excessive coating is difficult to avoid completely.
    (3) actual coating losses: including paint that has not been sprayed on the work piece, paint tools and residues in the packaging barrel, etc. As far as spraying construction is concerned, small work parts, spraying under high winds will undoubtedly increase the loss. Air spraying is more harmful than air spraying paint fog dispersion.
    (4) paint waste: such as waste caused by two-part paint not used up during use, etc.
    , (1) (2) two are inevitable, can be artificial control of the parts are not much, (3) (4) can be artificially controlled, and the quality of construction personnel and construction management level. At the same time, the construction method is different, the loss is also different.
    the cost of steel structure will lead to different corrosion use per unit of steel structure, the cost will also have a large difference.
    4 The unit price of paint
    it is obvious that the price per litre of anti-corrosion material is also an important factor, but from the above analysis, the unit price of anti-corrosion materials is not the only factor that constitutes the cost of anti-corrosion materials in anti-corrosion construction.
    from above, in the anti-corrosion construction and the selection of anti-corrosion coatings, on the one hand, to pay attention to product quality and price, on the other hand to understand the paint-related indicators, such as solid content, at the same time, should also pay attention to the design of dry film thickness and construction methods, these factors will affect the cost of anti-corrosion coatings in anti-corrosion construction.
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