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    Home > Food News > Nutrition News > The fifth and sixth working seminars on the revision of dietary guidelines for Chinese residents were successfully held

    The fifth and sixth working seminars on the revision of dietary guidelines for Chinese residents were successfully held

    • Last Update: 2020-11-04
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    and Sixth Working Seminar on revising dietary guidelines for Chinese residents was held in Yichun, Jiangxi Province from October 19-22, 2020. Hosted by the Chinese Nutrition Society, the meeting was attended by 25 participants from the relevant officials and members of the Secretary Group for the revision of the guidelines. Yichun Science and Technology Association to give strong assistance.
    The experts were briefed on the framework for the writing of the 2021 Dietary Guidelines Scientific Research Report and the progress of the main work, and provided the basis for the later revision of the Dietary Guidelines by providing a full discussion of the dietary guidelines revision process and the progress of the dietary guidelines in other countries, the current state and problems of nutritional health in China, the relationship between diet and health and the recommendations of international organizations on health, and the summary and recommendations of the dietary guidelines. The meeting called on the Working Group to further improve food and health evidence and to press ahead with the writing of scientific research reports on dietary guidelines in accordance with the division of tasks and time schedule requirements. Professor Yang Yuxin, Chairman of the Committee of Experts on the Revision of the
    Guidelines, and experts responsible for the revision of the Guidelines reported on the core recommendations of the dietary guidelines for the general population and special groups respectively, and the experts at the meeting, in conjunction with the scientific report and the work of the evidence group, discussed and repeatedly discussed and worked out article by article to determine the content and core meaning of the recommended entries, and reached a preliminary agreement. The
    meeting requested that the members of the expert groups, in accordance with the contents of the articles, press ahead with the work of writing the guide and combing the documents, unify the core ideas as soon as possible, sort out the main issues and recommendations, and promote the main work of scientific evidence, so as to provide expert consensus and guidance for the construction of a healthy China.
    , Professor Yang Yuxin summarized the meeting and arranged the deployment of the progress requirements for the meeting and the writing of the guidelines for the next revision work.
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