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    Home > Food News > Nutrition News > The first enlarged meeting of members of the Regulations and Standards Working Committee of the Chinese Society of Nutrition and the Group Standards Review Meeting in 2021 was held in Beijing

    The first enlarged meeting of members of the Regulations and Standards Working Committee of the Chinese Society of Nutrition and the Group Standards Review Meeting in 2021 was held in Beijing

    • Last Update: 2021-05-09
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    In order to further promote the construction of the standard system in the field of nutrition and health, continue to meet the new needs of the scientific community and industry, and help the growth of new technologies, new industries and new formats in the field of nutrition and health, April 24, 2021, the Chinese Nutrition Society Regulations and Standards Working Committee The enlarged meeting and the delegation standard review meeting was held in Beijing.
    The meeting was presided over by researcher Yang Xiaoguang, vice chairman of the Chinese Nutrition Society and chairman of the Regulations and Standards Working Committee, and more than 20 experts attended the meeting.

    Zhang Bing, deputy director of the Regulations and Standards Working Committee and deputy director of the Institute of Nutrition and Health of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, shared the information on nutrition standards in the health industry standards, and provided directional guidance for the formulation and revision of the nutrition and health group standards; Dr.
    Zhou Jin On behalf of the Secretariat of Regulations and Standards, reported on the work of the Association's group standard.
    Participating experts first conducted exchanges and discussions on the construction of the society's group standard system, the key direction and content of the project, and they agreed that the society's group standard should be strictly controlled, and the advantages of the society's experts should be fully utilized in an orderly manner when the group standards are booming.
    In the field of nutrition, clinical nutrition standards, food nutrition-related product standards, and personnel training standards have made a difference.

    Group photo of offline experts at the review meeting

    Afterwards, the meeting focused on reviewing the "Regulations on Dietary Nutrition Management for Chewing and Swallowing Disorders" (Draft for Review), "Nutrition Guidelines for Weight Management of School-age Children" (Draft for Review), and "Management Rules for Healthy Canteen Construction" (Draft for Review) , Conducted expert review before public comment on the "Specifications for the Labeling of Glycemic Index of Prepackaged Foods" (discussion draft).
    The expert review team of the Regulations and Standards Working Committee listened to the standard drafting working group's report on the work and technical content of each standard, reviewed relevant materials, and conducted strict and detailed inquiries and discussions on the standards one by one.

    The Chinese Nutrition Society attaches great importance to standards-related work.
    Since 2017, it has implemented the "National Nutrition Plan (2017-2030)" "Improvement of Nutrition Regulations, Policies and Standards System" implementation strategy and "Implementation of Key Group Actions" major actions as group standards Work guidelines, focusing on food nutrition, population nutrition (elderly groups, women and children groups), public nutrition, clinical nutrition, sports nutrition, etc.
    , have established 27 standard, product, and testing method group standards, of which 7 have been released.
    4 items will be released after review, and 16 items are under research.
    The above-mentioned group standard will play an active role in serving the needs of market entities and promoting the development of nutrition and health.

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