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    The first vulnerable species of purple water chicken in Longling, Yunnan

    • Last Update: 2021-12-02
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    The first vulnerable species of purple water chicken in Longling, Yunnan
    The first vulnerable species purple water chicken in Longling, Yunnan Province, the first vulnerable species purple water chicken in Longling, Yunnan


    Recently, technicians from Longling Xiaoheishan Provincial Nature Reserve in Baoshan City, Yunnan Province accidentally photographed a bird with a "little red riding hood" on its head and blue-purple plumage while patrolling it
    Appraised by the technicians of the Kunming Survey and Design Institute of the State Forestry and Grassland Administration, it was determined to be a purple chicken belonging to the genus Zishui chicken of the genus Zishui chicken family

    Purple water chicken is a national II-level key protected wild animal and is included in the "China Vertebrate Red List" as a vulnerable species.
    It was first discovered in the county of Longling County

    At present, the number of wild bird species in Longling County has increased to 301, and the number of known national key protected wild animals in Longling Xiaoheishan Nature Reserve has increased to 103 species


    According to the relevant staff, the beak of the purple chicken has a broad orange-red forehead, except for the white covering under the tail, most of the body is purple-blue and blue-green, and its body feathers will be colorful under the sunlight.
    The metallic luster is very beautiful

    The purple wader is a medium-sized wading bird.
    It is not good at flying.
    It often runs on the ground and has strong swimming ability.
    It mainly likes to live in the marshes and reeds around rivers and lakes.
    It mainly eats the twigs, leaves and roots of aquatic and semi-aquatic plants.
    , Stems, flowers and seeds, and also eat invertebrates such as leeches, insects, and spiders

    They often move in pairs or small groups, are docile and timid, are more active in the early morning and dusk, and hide in reeds or grass during the rest of the time


    Purple water chicken is mainly found in Yunnan, Guangxi, Sichuan and Fujian in China, and its distribution area is relatively narrow
    At present, this species has been upgraded from the "Three Haves" animals ("Nationally Protected List of Terrestrial Wild Animals with Important Economic and Scientific Research Value") to National Class II Key Protected Wild Animals, and is also included in the "Chinese Vertebrate Red List" "(Jiang Zhigang et al.
    , 2016) is classified as a vulnerable (VU) species


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