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    The five ministries jointly identified Xinda Bio as the "National Enterprise Technology Center"

    • Last Update: 2020-11-28
    • Source: Internet
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    Recently, the official website of the National Development and Reform Commission released the list of national enterprise technology centers for 2020 (27th batch).
    Xinda Bio won the "National Enterprise Technology Center" award.
    Xinda Bio is the only innovative biopharmace product approved by the National Enterprise Technology Center in Jiangsu Province.
    National Enterprise Technology Center National Enterprise Technology Center is the National Development and Reform Commission joint Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance, General Administration of Customs, General Administration of Taxation and other five ministries in accordance with the requirements of innovation-driven development and economic restructuring needs, in the industry has a leading technological innovation advantages, with a leading industry-leading high-level technological innovation capabilities of enterprises to review and identify, is the state to encourage innovation and development of enterprises, play the main role in industry technology innovation and set up a national research and development platform.
    Xinda Bio since its establishment in 2011, based on innovation-driven development, with excellent innovation ability, continue to increase research and development investment, has established a product chain including 23 new drug species, covering tumors, metabolic diseases, autoimmune and other diseases, of which 6 varieties were selected in the national "major new drug creation" special, 4 products were approved for market, 4 varieties into Phase III or key clinical research, and 15 products have entered clinical research.
    Sinda Bio thus became the largest number of listed single-drug-resistant Chinese pharmaceutical companies, but also the world's history of the few establishment of 9 years, that is, four single-resistant products listed one of the pharmaceutical companies, truly reflects the "new drug research and development of China's speed."
    in order to achieve the strategic goal of the next step of global innovation, Xinda Bio has established a new pharmaceutical scientific research institution, guoqing Hospital, dedicated to the study of global innovation pipelines that take into account unsoled clinical needs and commercial values.
    will be Xinda's powerful new drug discovery engine, aiming to achieve the company's global First-In-Class product launch within the next 5-10 years.
    Dr. Liu Yongjun, President of Xinda Biopharmaceutical Group, said: This time Thyda Bio was recognized as the National Enterprise Technology Center, which is not only a full affirmation of Xinda Bio's historic breakthrough in the field of innovative biopharmaceutical research and development, but also a step-by-step performance of Suzhou City to build a "Chinese Medicine Valley".
    Relying on the national enterprise technology center platform, Xinda Bio will further increase research and development investment, continue to strengthen cooperation in industry, science and research, through its own demonstration and leadership role, promote the in-depth development of China's innovation cause, the formation of the domestic biopharmaceutical industry ecosystem, promote the rapid and high-quality development of China's high-end biopharmaceutical industry, and strive to "develop high-quality biological drugs that the common people can afford", and truly meet the people's desire to use, affordable international level of biological medicine.
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