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    The floor needs to be leveled before laying

    • Last Update: 2021-03-14
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    "China Paint Online News Information" decoration will encounter a lot of problems, but encounter problems do not worry, find a way to solve the line, for example, i a friend's home to do decoration, do not know how to deal with the ground to find flat, and now I share with you, generally we talk about the ground leveling can be divided into two kinds, they are the original ground of the building by finding flat ground leveling to a certain standard, the two ground leveling way is as follows:
    . The original cement mortar ground to find flat
    the former to find flat use of ordinary cement mortar, flat with greater defects, one is flatness control can not do the greatest precision, find flat thickness high, and secondly, the construction process is easy due to the technical problems of the construction side caused the house floor to increase a lot, the ground is still uneven, the current cement mortar to find flat way has been basically eliminated.two. Now widely used self-leveling cement to find
    cement self-leveling ground to find flat. This is now a new leveling technology, in 2005 began to appear in the domestic construction ground industry. The use of self-leveling cement for ground treatment, the advantages are quite many, the ground can be the thinnest to find flat in 3 mm, good thickness control, high ground strength, flatness is much higher than cement mortar to find flat. Can be used to do home-made ground to find flat, such as pingbao cement self-leveling, flattening effect has been a high degree of consumer praise products.
    Home decoration laying wood floor before the ground is also suitable for the use of self-leveling ground to find flat, now the general formal ground company's self-leveling price and cement mortar to find flat price is basically flat, so choose self-leveling more and more become cost-effective.has been widely used throughout the country since 2005. Building floor leveling standards have once again updated the parameter standards, the following standards are mainly for home flooring:
    2 square meters within the drop≤ of >
    3 mm, uneven ground≥

    in the selection of self-leveling raw materials also need special attention, there are many types on the market, is divided into home improvement, industrial, high-strength commercial type and so on. Choosing the right raw materials is important, and generally ground companies will help you choose the right ingredients!
    Small editor searched the relevant professional ground to find flat methods, often encountered such a situation, people walking on the floor to apply pressure led to all the gray from the kick seams and corner positions emerged, this is actually due to the ground to find the usual grass-roots treatment is not in place and the nature of the grass-roots materials caused, so the construction of self-leveling ground as far as possible to find the purchase of excellent quality self-leveling cement products and professional floor construction team, avoid the plan to let the decoration company sketch. Only the ground to find flat, in order to solve the floor after laying worries.
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