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    The food nutrition and functional food team of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences reveals the application characteristics of pea protein in plant-based yogurt and its gel formation mechanism

    • Last Update: 2022-05-08
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    Plant-based yogurt products with pea protein as raw materials have the outstanding advantages of non-GMO and hypoallergenicity, which meet consumers' demand for nutritious and healthy food and have good market prospects .
    China is the world's largest producer of pea protein, with pea protein production accounting for about 70% of the world's total production capacity .
    Enterprises usually use the alkali-soluble acid precipitation method and the traditional physalis method to extract pea protein.
    The application characteristics and processing suitability of pea protein obtained by different preparation methods in the food field are not yet clear, which limits the new plant-based pea protein as raw material.
    Food research and development and promotion and application

      In this study, the main commercial proteins of pea protein enterprises in China were used as raw materials to systematically compare the differences in the structure and functional properties of pea proteins from different sources, and to explore the effects and internal mechanisms of different raw materials on the gel properties of plant-based yogurt induced by lactic acid bacteria .
    The results show that the 11S subunits in commercial pea proteins form macromolecular insoluble aggregates through disulfide bonds .
    In the pH range of 3-9, the solubility of pea protein extracted by traditional physalis method was better than that of samples extracted by conventional alkali-soluble acid precipitation method .
    For the pea protein emulsion gel induced by lactic acid bacteria, hydrophobic interaction is the main force to maintain the structure of pea protein yogurt gel, and electrostatic interaction, hydrogen bond and disulfide bond contribute less .
    There were significant differences in the formation rate and strength of yogurt gel induced by lactic acid bacteria between different sources of pea protein, which were closely related to the degree of aggregation and solubility of pea protein .
    The time to reach the end point of fermentation of the pea protein yogurt gel system prepared by the traditional physalis method was longer than that of the alkali-soluble acid precipitation method, but the gel strength, chewiness and water holding capacity of the emulsion were better .
    The research results provide technical and theoretical support for the innovative application of pea protein in plant-based yogurt .

      The research results were published in the top journal in the food field LWT - Food Science and Technolog (IF: 4.

    Li Nana, a postgraduate student, and Yang Mei, a doctoral student, are the co-first authors of the paper, and researcher Wang Fengzhong and associate researcher Liu Liya are the co-corresponding authors

    This research was funded by the National Edible Bean Industry Technology System (CARS-08)


    Original link: https://doi.

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