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    The functions and differences of ten culture boxes

    • Last Update: 2020-11-17
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    Culture box is a common laboratory instrument, but we often encounter a variety of culture boxes, such as: thermostat culture box, thermostat constant humidity culture box, carbon dioxide culture box, anaerobic culture box, mold culture box, light culture box and so on.
    so many kinds, how does it make a difference? A device for in vitro culture of cells/tissues/organisms, such as temperature, humidity, lighting or CO2 levels, acidity and alkalinity, etc., which is widely used in plant, biological, microbial, genetic, viral, medical, environmental and other fields, and is widely used in cryogenic thermostat tests, culture tests, environmental tests, etc.
    culture box mainly has the following types: 1, thermostat culture box is suitable for ordinary bacterial culture and closed cell culture, and is often used in cell culture equipment and reagents preheat.
    features: heating control, without refrigeration.
    thermostats are divided into: water-insalic thermostats and electrothermal thermostats.
    water-isolated electric thermostat: the heating tube through the water in the mezzanine heating, the use of water conve currents to form four-sided heating, effectively ensure heating uniformity.
    water sleeve can still be better in the event of power outage, using micro-computer intelligent thermostat and bimetallic sheet regulator two ways of temperature control.
    temperature control range: room temperature of 5 degrees C-60 degrees C, can only stabilize the temperature above room temperature, without refrigeration.
    electrothermal thermostat culture box: the use of electric heating, the shell using cold-tie plate electrostitive spray molding, inner bile made of stainless steel, insulation layer using asbestos as a thermal insulation material, at the bottom with a heating tube, through the heating tube to heat the box body, its disadvantage is that the temperature uniformity is relatively poor, the temperature is relatively high.
    mainly composed of boxes, heaters, blowers and thermostats.
    2, thermostat constant humidity box constant temperature constant humidity culture tank can accurately simulate the constant temperature, constant humidity and other complex natural environment, with a temperature and humidity control system of a box.
    characteristics: temperature control, humidity control, generally without observation window is generally used for plant culture, breeding tests, microbial culture, fermentation and other thermostat tests, environmental tests, material denaturation tests and culture, serum, drugs and other items storage.
    widely used in medical and health care, biopharmaceuticals, agricultural research, environmental protection and other research applications.
    3, bio-chemical culture box this kind of culture box is equipped with electric wire heating and compression mechanism cold.
    can be adapted to a wide range, can be maintained at constant temperatures all year round, so gradually popular.
    The culture box uses an electric culture box similar to the repair and maintenance. Due to the installation of a compressor, it is also important to observe the precautions of refrigerator maintenance, such as maintaining voltage stability, do not over-tilt, timely cleaning of dust on the radiator.
    : Bio-chemical culture box generally does not have moisture control and does not have anti-virus function.
    has a dual-system hot and cold temperature control.
    generally have a glass observation window.
    biochemical culture box is plant, biological, microbial, genetic, viral, medical, environmental protection and other scientific research, the education sector indispensable laboratory equipment, widely used in low temperature thermostat test, culture test, environmental test.
    4, mold culture box mold culture box is suitable for the cultivation of mold and other true nuclear microorganisms test equipment, because most mold is suitable for growth at room temperature (25 degrees Celsius), and in solid substation culture needs to maintain humidity, so the general mold culture box by refrigeration system, heating system, air humidifier and culture chamber, control circuits and operating panels and other components, and the use of temperature sensors and humidity sensors to maintain the temperature and humidity in the room.
    some special mold culture boxes can also set the temperature and humidity to vary with the culture time.
    characteristics: dual-system hot and cold control, heating, cooling, humidity control this product is suitable for environmental protection, health and epidemic prevention, agriculture and animals, drug testing, aquatic research, college experiments and production departments.
    is water body analysis, BOD determination of bacteria, mold, microbial culture, preservation, plant cultivation, breeding experiments dedicated thermostat, thermostat oscillation equipment.
    5, CO2 culture box CO2 culture box is simulated in the culture box body to form a similar cell/ tissue growth environment in the organism, the culture box requires a stable temperature (37 degrees C), stable CO2 level (5%), constant acidity and alkalinity (pH: 7.2-7.4), high relative saturation humidity (95%), to carry out in vitro culture of cells/tissue device.
    characteristics: temperature control, generally only with heating, high temperature sterilization, individual cooling, CO2 level control, acidity and alkalinity control, humidity control carbon dioxide culture tank is widely used in cells, tissue culture and the culture of certain special microorganisms, commonly found in cellular dynamics Research areas such as research, collection of mammalian cell secretions, carcinogenic or toxicological effects of various physical and chemical factors, research and production of antigens, culture of hybrid tumor cells to produce antibodies, in vitro fertilization (IVF), stem cells, tissue engineering, drug screening, etc.
    the success rate and efficiency of the culture of biological cells, tissues, etc. are improved by increasing co2 concentration control and using microcontrollers to control the temperature of the culture box.
    , co2 culture tank is an irreplaceable new type of culture tank for ordinary electrothermal thermostat.
    6, anaerobic culture box anaerobic culture tank also known as anaerobic workstation or anaerobic glove box.
    anaerobic culture box is a special device for bacterial culture and operation under anaerobic environment.
    it can provide a strict anaerobic state constant temperature culture conditions and has a systematic, scientific working area.
    characteristics: anaerobic control, temperature control of the product is a special device that can be cultured and operated in an oxygen-free environment, can cultivate anaerobic organisms that are difficult to grow, and can avoid the risk of death from exposure to oxygen when operating in the atmosphere.
    this device is the ideal tool for anaerobic biological testing and research.
    7, artificial climate box can manually control lighting, temperature, humidity, air pressure and gas composition and other factors such as small closed isolation equipment called "artificial climate box."
    features: light control, humidity control, hot and cold control, air pressure control, gas composition control artificial climate box is with lighting, humidification function of high-precision hot and cold thermostat equipment, to provide users with an ideal artificial climate experimental environment.
    it can be used for the germination, seedling, tissue, microbial culture of plants, the breeding of insects and small animals, the determination of BOD for water body analysis, and artificial climate tests for other uses.
    is an ideal test equipment for production and scientific research departments such as biogenetic engineering, medicine, agriculture, forestry, environmental science, animal husbandry and aquaculture.
    8, light culture box light culture box is a high-precision thermostat with lighting function, is a special thermostat for bacteria, mold, microbial culture and breeding tests, suitable for bioengineering, medical research, agricultural and forestry science, aquaculture, animal husbandry and other fields engaged in scientific research and production use.
    characteristics: light control, constant temperature control (cooling and heating) light culture box shell is generally cold-rolled steel plate, surface using electrostitive spraying process, inner bile for engineering plastic or stainless steel, insulation layer formed by polyester foaming, light-transmission window using double-layer hollow glass to ensure the insulation performance of the box, the inside of the box has a cold, hot air dummy tank gas circulation smooth, temperature more uniform.
    light culture box is mainly used to do plant culture, microbial culture box according to the types of microorganisms cultured different and different kinds.
    9, plant culture box plant culture box is actually a light with humidity thermostat, wherein light, temperature, humidity and other conditions to meet the growth needs of plants.
    plant culture box principle is several sets of lamps and a set of temperature control devices (usually 5-50 degrees).
    if the advanced point also has lighting settings such as a few lights on and off, when the light is stronger and so on.
    characteristics: light control, humidity control, thermostat control, dedicated to plant culture 10, low temperature culture tank cryogenic culture tank is widely used in storage media, serum, pharmaceutical and microbial culture, environmental testing.
    : The temperature can be lower, up to minus 150 degrees
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