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    The future development trend of the global temperature indicating coatings market

    • Last Update: 2021-07-23
    • Source: Internet
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          Global Coatings Network News:

       Global Coatings Network News:

    A new research report released by the American market research organization Grand View Research shows that by 2024, the global market value of temperature-indicating coatings is expected to reach 362.
    8 million U.
    In the future, temperature-indicating coatings will be more widely used in road marking coatings and automotive coatings.
    In addition, temperature-indicating coatings are also widely used in temperature-indicating systems for refrigerators, medical care, aquariums and other products.

      In the field of home appliance applications, especially in economies such as Brazil, India, China, and Vietnam, the application field of temperature-indicating coatings is expected to further expand.
    It is expected that in the next 8 years, the increase in disposable income in the above-mentioned regions will further stimulate market demand.

      Data show that in 2015, among the varieties of temperature-indicating coatings, reversible temperature-indicating coatings accounted for 65% of the total.
    Moreover, this trend will continue for some time due to the growing demand in many fields (such as fabrics, indoor and refrigerator thermometers, food quality indicators, forehead thermometers, temperature display cups, temperature display toys, etc.

      The research report pointed out that in 2015, the global market demand for temperature indicating coatings exceeded 1,200 tons.
    By 2024, it is expected to reach 2,276.
    5 tons, with a compound annual growth rate of 6.

      In 2015, home appliances and decorations were the main application areas of temperature-indicating coatings, with a market share of 35.

      During 2016-2024, the growth rate of temperature-indicating coatings in industrial applications is expected to reach a maximum of 7.
    Industrial applications include heat treatment, metal processing, riveting, welding, etc.

      Europe is the main consumption area of ​​temperature indicating coatings, accounting for 37.
    9% in 2015.
    The study pointed out that the application of temperature-indicating labels in the medical field has received policy support, which has promoted the consumption of temperature-indicating coatings in this area.

      The major global temperature-indicating paint manufacturers include: CAPCO, LCR Hallcrest, LA-CO Industries, TIP Temperature Products, B&H Colour Change, SFXC, Good Life Innovations, Ltd.
    and Lakfbriek Korthals BV.
    It is worth noting that the industry has fierce competition in product prices.
    (Source: Global Coatings Network) (For more information, please log in: Global Coatings Network
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