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    The global titanium dioxide market value will reach 30 billion U.S. dollars

    • Last Update: 2021-08-14
    • Source: Internet
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    According to analysis, driven by the growth of consumer demand for specialty coatings, the global titanium dioxide market value will reach US$31.
    19 billion in 2022.
    At the same time, the consumer demand for cosmetics driven by the economic growth of the BRIC countries will also become one of the strong driving forces driving the growth of the titanium dioxide industry.


    The global market value of titanium dioxide in 2014 was about 15.
    17 billion U.
    dollars, of which the coating industry was the largest consumption field.
    In 2014, the total consumption was about 8 billion U.
    Due to its excellent hiding power, titanium dioxide is mainly used for architectural interior wall coatings.
    Titanium dioxide is also the preferred pigment in outdoor architectural coating applications that require gloss and color retention, self-cleaning, and aging resistance.
    In the field of industrial coatings, it has opacity, outdoor aging resistance, and is used in acid-catalyzed coatings and coatings.
    With unique properties in curing and other fields, titanium dioxide has also been widely used


    Europe is the second largest consumer market for titanium dioxide in 2014, with a total value of over US$4.
    3 billion.
    The growth of the personal care market in the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and France will be the driving force for the future growth of titanium dioxide, especially for ultrafine titanium dioxide.
    Continuous innovation will create a new space for the application of titanium dioxide in the field of personal care and cosmetics


    The compound annual growth rate of titanium dioxide consumption in the plastics industry from 2015 to 2022 is about 4.
    The future growth in the market demand for plastic doors and windows will have a positive impact on titanium dioxide consumption


    The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of titanium dioxide consumption in the Asia-Pacific region from 2015 to 2022 is about 4%, while the market value CAGR is expected to reach 10%.
    The main consumption areas are coatings and paints, pulp and paper industries


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