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    The harm of mixing alcohol and aspirin

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
    • Source: Internet
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    Taking aspirin before drinking is a common preventive way to avoid hangovers

    However, there is a risk of alcohol mixing with aspirin

    Both of these substances are toxic to the liver, and use at the same time will aggravate the liver load and lead to liver damage

    Research has shown that aspirin also blocks the body's ability to break down alcohol, which can lead to unexpected alcoholism

    In addition, the presence of alcohol and aspirin in the gastrointestinal tract also increases the risk of internal bleeding

    Aspirin, alcohol and other oral drugs are first absorbed through the gastric mucosa, which is a sensitive membrane composed of mucosa

    Alcohol and aspirin both stimulate the gastric mucosa, but when used alone and in moderation, they usually do not cause significant damage

    In fact, many people take aspirin every day to fight chronic pain or prevent heart attacks

    However, taking aspirin while drinking alcohol significantly increases the risk of gastrointestinal damage

    This injury can cause chronic ulcerative bleeding and other internal bleeding

    In addition to gastric bleeding caused by stimulation of gastric mucosa, the pharmacological characteristics of aspirin can also lead to other complications

    Daily use of aspirin is often used to treat diseases related to blood flow obstruction, such as stroke and heart attack

    Because aspirin itself is a blood thinner, it can prevent thrombosis and plaque accumulation on the arterial wall

    However, the anticoagulant properties of aspirin can also become destructive, because when the mixture causes gastric bleeding, aspirin can make the bleeding turn into life-threatening bleeding

    The adverse effects usually occur in people who take aspirin every day, but it is also possible in people who take aspirin only once

    Before being absorbed by the gastric mucosa, the alcohol in the stomach is broken down by an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase

    Aspirin interferes with the production of the enzyme, and taking both substances at the same time can cause an unexpected increase in the alcohol content of the blood, because alcohol cannot be metabolized properly when aspirin is present.
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