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    The Health and Wellness Commission will see a pay rise for general practitioners

    • Last Update: 2021-03-02
    • Source: Internet
    • Author: User
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    , the Shenzhen Municipal Health And Wellness Commission issued the "Shenzhen General Practitioner Management Measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "Management Measures").

    From next month (February 1), Shenzhen General Practitioners will usher in a separate job management and performance appraisal system, no longer follow the "assessment method" of specialists, for the first time in the country.

    is the first of its time!

    GDS will have an independent rising channel

    It is reported that Shenzhen will be the first in the country to organize the establishment of a committee of general medical experts, for the development of general practitioners to do a good job of top-level design.

    The Management Measures will establish a management system covering the full cycle of general practitioner practice, clarify the elements of general practitioners' competence and career development path, innovate the management of continuing education of general practitioners, reform the way of professional and technical evaluation of general practitioners, promote the continuous improvement of professional quality and technical ability of general practitioners, and build a highland of general medicine.

    For example, the scope of practice of general practitioners and specialists is very different, when evaluating professional and technical ability, but to compete on the same track, obviously unfair;

    job title evaluation, general practitioners are also mainly to see a doctor, its commitment to residential health management services has not been taken into account, so it is difficult to guide general practitioners to continuously improve professional development and resident health management level.

    Such a dilemma is about to break through in Shenzhen.

    not only to see a serious illness, surgery to determine the pay

    Shenzhen has reformed the job management and performance appraisal content of general practitioners, in addition to examining the quantity and quality of basic medical services completed, the Management Measures also include the number of residents and the quality of health management within the scope of health management services, the quantity and quality of basic public health services completed, and the satisfaction of service objects.

    Let GPs not only see major illnesses, do surgery heroes, community health services and their host hospitals will be based on the results of the performance appraisal of general practitioners to approve their pay.

    In addition, Shenzhen has established a general practitioner's professional and technical ability evaluation system, identified a total of 15 indicators in three major areas.

    In addition to evaluating the completion of diagnosis and treatment work, basic public health services, residents' health management, but also joined the general practitioners to carry out scientific research, teaching, participation in general medical management affairs, general medical management services innovation projects and other indicators, to guide general practitioners to continuously improve their professional ability, become the field of general medicine "industry curry."

    GMs do a lot of work, but the assessment is "narrow" and the situation will be significantly improved.

    D.S. doctors have their own "electronic files"

    These violations should

    reward and "punishment", Shenzhen Health And Health Commission to the general practitioners to establish their own "credit file", the following acts, will be included in their credit management records.

    (1) when a general practitioner appears to fabricate false resident electronic health files and false service records;

    (2) is administratively punished or scored for illegal practice;

    (3) by a number of service objects or repeatedly by the same service object complaints reported and verified to be true;

    (4) do not perform health management services responsibilities, serious circumstances

    Shenzhen City this reform, for general practitioners to define their own professional "runway", practice management, continuing education, ability assessment, job title evaluation, etc. will have an independent system, worthy of other provinces and cities. (
    Health And Wellness Commission,

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