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    The health care negotiations are over! PD-1 or variant of affordable drugs low-cost wide coverage available

    • Last Update: 2020-12-26
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    16, the three-day 2020 national health care negotiations came to an end.
    said this is a high-profile drug price negotiations, because in these three days, reporters read the relevant reports from time to time to see the article comment area patients or family members are asking about the results of the negotiations on drugs of concern.
    and the PD-1/L1 antibody health care negotiations are even more moving.
    industry has previously been rumored that "this year PD-1 will be divided into adaptation negotiations", but on the 16th, "Ko-Ting Board Daily" reporter learned that this is not the case.
    same time, "PD-1 adaptive negotiations" in the eyes of some industry insiders, "may also face greater price pressure."
    Liver cancer first-line drug lenphatini, from the previous health insurance bureau published in 2020 the National Health Insurance Drug Catalog adjustment through the form review of the list of declared drugs (first instance list), a total of 751 varieties through the form review this year, and lunvatini is once again listed among them.
    lenvatinib is a first-line treatment drug for liver cancer, is currently listed as one of the two targeted drugs for liver cancer, but also recognized as a good medicine, compared to the "old drug" - Bayer Solaphini (commodity name: dojime), lenvatinib can significantly improve the survival of Chinese patients, reduce the mortality rate of 50%.
    the first half of fiscal year 2019 (April-September), Lunvardini's global sales amounted to 50.5 billion yen, or about 3.22 billion yuan ($461 million), of which sales in China were about 454 million yuan.
    , the industry is out of the "wei material fist varieties Lunvatini big sale" news.
    , however, in 2019, Lunvardini failed to negotiate the successful inclusion of health care.
    at the current price of lenvatinini in China, a patient's treatment costs between 400,000 and 500,000 a year.
    sales of 454 million yuan in six months, rough calculation, the current domestic can afford such a good medicine may be less than 2,000 people.
    China is a big country with liver cancer, with about 854,000 new liver cancer patients worldwide each year, and 466,000 in China.
    high drug prices and treatment costs, too many patients are out of the way.
    , the price of the internet all over the country, we can see that from last year to date the price has been strong, this year's negotiations to reduce prices will be how much? PD-1/L1 antibody health care negotiations are moving In addition to lenvatini, liver cancer adaptation has another well-known drug will also participate in this year's health care negotiations, namely Hengrui Pharmaceuticals (600276. SH) PD-1 Karelli pearl single resistance.
    the State Drug Administration approved the listing in March 2020 for the treatment of advanced liver cancer with a single anti-second-line treatment.
    PD-1/L1 antibody is the biggest hot spot in tumor immunotherapy in recent years, which has effects on many tumors (such as liver cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, etc.) and has fewer side effects.
    , the PD-1/L1 antibody health care negotiations have been moving.
    from the "first instance list" previously released by the Health Insurance Administration, all seven PD-1/PD-L1 products approved for listing but not covered by health insurance in China have passed the formal review.
    Figure, through formal review (first instance), is expected to participate in this year's health care negotiations of 7 PD-1/L1 products At present, the domestic listed PD-1 single resistance has a total of 6 models, of which 4 are domestic and 2 are imported.
    PD-1 are Terriple single resistance (commodity name: Toyi) and Thyda Bio (01801. HK) letter Dili monoanti (commodity name: Dabershu), Henri Pharmaceuticals' Karelli pearl single resistance (commodity name: Erica), Baiji Shenzhou (06160. HK)'s Tyrelli Pearl Single Resistance (commodity name: Baizean); imported and listed are The Pabli Pearl Single Anti-Injection (Keytruda, commonly known as "K-Drug") and BMS's Navuliyu Single Anti-Injection (Opdivo, commonly known as "O-Drug").
    among them, The non-Hodgkin's lymphoma adaptation was negotiated to be the first to receive health insurance access in 2019, so this year's health care negotiations with the domestic PD-1 only Junshi Bio, Baiji Shenzhou and Hengrui Medicine.
    Among them, up to now, Junshi Bio has only one approved adaptive disease melanoma, Baiji Shenzhou has Hodgkin's lymphoma and urethra skin cancer 2 approved adaptors, Hengrui Karelli pearl monoantigen has included Hodgkin's lymphoma, liver cancer, lung cancer, esophageal squamous cancer 4 major adaptors.
    Tut chart, the domestic PD-1/L1 single anti-adhesive disease approved listing progress (incomplete statistics); Source: Huaxi Securities PD-1 or regardless of the adjustment negotiations face greater price pressure is worth noting, after industry rumors that "this year PD-1 will be divided into adaptation negotiations."
    but on the 16th, the Kotsun Board Daily learned that this was not the case.
    " a drug different adaptive prices are not the same words can not operate.
    " a person familiar with the matter confirmed to reporters.
    from the above three not included in the health insurance domestic PD-1 price, including charitable gifts, the current annual treatment costs are about 100,000.
    Rereferred to the liver cancer targeted drug soraphini, which has been included in the health insurance, the current cost of medical insurance is about 5700 yuan / box (200mg x 60 pieces / box, single tablet price of 95 yuan / tablet), according to each 0.4g (0.2g x 2), twice a day dosage calculation (2 boxes per month), patients a year treatment costs more than 100,000.
    , the prospect of about 100,000 domestic PD-1 health care negotiations is still relatively predictable, it is expected that whether the health care bureau or enterprises will have greater momentum.
    chart , the current domestic market has six PD-1 prices and treatment costs at the same time, "PD-1 regardless of adaptive negotiations" in the eyes of some industry insiders, "may also face greater price pressure."
    this is understandable.
    Take Hodgkin's lymphoma adaptation as an example, since there is now Xindili mono-resistance into health insurance, so regardless of the competitive landscape of other adaptations, Baiji Shenzhou and Hengrui may therefore have a relatively strong need for health insurance, and from the perspective of the Health Insurance Bureau, prices may also be more based on the competitive landscape of poor adaptation to price.
    as last year, the news of the outcome of the PD-1 talks immediately flew after the talks ended on the 16th.
    According to industry media reports, the lowest price of Merca East K medicine is about 100,000 / year, and the two domestic enterprises PD-1 offer is 30,000 / year and 37,000 / year, respectively;
    charity medicine, the annual cost of treatment from more than 100,000 to about 50,000 yuan (before medical insurance reimbursement).
    overall, the PD-1 price of 30,000 to 50,000/year is in line with previous market expectations, and this price also means that many of the unsoiled treatment needs will be met in the future.
    , and for companies, even if prices are as low as they are, they are expected to benefit from the huge market demand.
    "China has 3.9 million new tumors per year, a stock of 10 million people, in 20% PD-L1 high expression calculation (PD-L1 high expression patients with better use of PD-1 efficacy), that is, about 2 million people, even if the price of PD-1 fell to 40,000 / year, the market space is 80 billion yuan.
    " at a meeting held on the 15th, The General Manager of Minernet, chief researcher Zhang Stepian calculated such an account.
    expected to see a significant drop in the price of PD-1 health care, which will be widely covered at low cost in the future.
    ," it said at the same time.
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