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    The health effects of non-medical factors are becoming more and more prominent

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    In fact, the health effects of non-medical factors are becoming more and more prominentWith the continuous progress of medical technology, the situation of chronic disease prevention and control in China is still seriousData show that China's hypertension patients 270 million people, diabetes patients more than 97 million, the incidence of cancer increased by an average of 3.9% per yearThe Lancet has written that the prevention and control of chronic disease does not require the invention of new drugs and new technologies, existing drugs and technologies can prevent and control chronic diseaseThis means that medical technology is no longer the "bull nose" of slow disease prevention and control, so what should be used as a grasper to promote the health of every citizen?the medical community in these ways to "glamorous turn around"in the context of integrating health into all policies, the medical field to change the way of work, increase the content of work, learn new principles of workMao Quan'an said that the medical sector must change the traditional medical model of heavy treatment, light prevention and high cost, and focus instead on maintaining people's health in all directions and full cycle"This is a huge challenge for the medical field, "In the context of the great pressure of work in the big hospitals, we will strengthen health management and guide the public to establish a correct view of healthParticipation in health science, for example, requires the maintenance of incentivesMao Quan'an said that the establishment of prevention-oriented and prevention-based combination of incentivemechanism and institutional protection is a top priority, the medical field should be involved in integrating health into all policieshealth care workers should provide rigorous research data and professional advice on policy development in other areas in terms of integrating health concepts into policiesLi Bin, deputy director of theHealth And Care Commission and president of the China Society for Preventive Medicine, said that preventive medicine has much to offer, guided by the need to build a healthy ChinaThe Society of Preventive Medicine will follow the frontiers of disciplines, conduct evidence-based research, make scientific advice, implement think-tank construction projects, serve government decision-making, evaluate strategies, techniques and methods for the implementation of public health, and provide technical and intellectual support for the construction of a healthy Chinathe concept of preventive medicine in line with healthy China, the Chinese Society of Preventive Medicine has issued an initiative to health workers across the country: to establish the concept of big health, health, popularize health knowledge, and pay attention to the changes in the disease spectrum of the population multi-sectoral policy support for solving health problems
    " for a long time, our people have formed a false high demand for medical care, the health status and medical conditions of the equivalent, forming a Chinese health 'paradox' Wang Xiaoning, director of the Institute of Geriatrics at the PLA General Hospital and secretary-general of the Chinese Association of Science and Technology's Institute of Life Sciences, believes that the lack of effective constraints on people's lifestyles from the perspective of policy-making is the main problem at present, and that the "mandatory" of healthy lifestyles is not high from Finland's practical experience, policy making is an important graspof for the formation of "mandatory" "The social determinants of health are very broad, and policies in the macroeconomic, transport, agriculture, education, housing, employment sectors have a profound impact on health and equity Mao stressed that addressing health issues requires multisectoral policy support, not the health sector alone therefore, the Health China Initiative cannot rely solely on the "one-man stand" of the health care system, but must establish the concept of great health and integrate health into all policies "The health sector alone cannot rule out the impact of unhealthy food and beverage marketing on children, let alone persuade countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, nor can industrialized food producers reduce the large-scale use of antibiotics." Wang Xiaoning said on the way "integration into all policies" works, our country has had a successful experience before "The creation of health cities has given a good reference, in the process of creating health cities, the relevant policy formulation around the 'health' as the core of the promotion Mao Qun'an said that the construction of a healthy city will continue the effective experience of the health city, "health" as the grasping hand, promote the implementation of the city's policies and construction work, for example, in addition to the beautiful environment and health, more attention to whether the city can provide the public with fitness, leisure, sports places, the content and indicators required in the health China action in the selection requirements of healthy cities therefore, it is necessary to extend the guiding ideology of healthy China to the daily life areas of urban and rural residents (schools, communities, families), and in the process, the implementation and strengthening of government responsibilities, cooperation and collaboration among all levels of departments will directly affect and even determine the overall effect of chronic disease prevention and control "reform of the existing universal health promotion model, the establishment of parallel with the existing health care system, complementary universal health promotion system, and truly achieve the national health indicators into the government assessment system, in order to truly integrate health into a variety of landing policies Wang Xiaoning stressed.
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