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    The highest price reduction is 80%. 493 hospitals are negotiating consumables

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
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    Finishing: Chocolate < br / > Nanjing alliance continues to act< br / > < br / > < br / > on June 9, according to the official wechat of Nanjing Medical Insurance Bureau, Nanjing, Huai'an and Taizhou medical consumables centralized purchasing alliance (hereinafter referred to as "Nanjing alliance") expanded the scope of the alliance, with nine cities including Anqing, Chuzhou, Hefei, Huangshan, Maanshan, Tongling, Wuhu, Xuancheng and Zhenjiang joining, and Nanjing alliance expanded to 12 cities< br / > according to the official wechat of Nanjing Medical Insurance Bureau, in 2020, Nanjing alliance will carry out alliance procurement in various forms: < br / > 1Carry out product oriented procurement with volume, effectively reduce prices and share procurement results< br / > 2Carry out the overall volume purchase of single enterprise products< br / > 3Carry out negotiation on the lowest price of medical consumables, collect the lowest price of the same medical consumables in China, and implement dynamic price adjustment in each alliance city< br / > 4Carry out negotiation on price sharing of alliance procurement, organize production and supply enterprises to negotiate on results sharing, and expand the benefits of alliance procurement results< br / > Diao Renchang, director of Nanjing Medical Security Bureau, said that after the expansion of the alliance, he was committed to building the alliance into a backbone platform for regional centralized procurement of medical consumables with influence in China< br / > the new alliance will rely on the purchase volume of medical consumables of 12 municipal medical institutions to support the price reduction of consumables enterprisesIt will adhere to the principle of procurement with variety and quantity, coexist in various ways, improve the classified and centralized procurement methods, and ensure the participation and sharing of achievements of member units< br / > it is understood that 12 cities of Nanjing alliance have a permanent population of 50.8 million, 493 secondary and tertiary medical institutions, including 115 tertiary medical institutions, 378 secondary medical institutions, < br / > < br / > < br / > according to the statistics of cypress blue devices, Nanjing alliance has completed four rounds of negotiations in 2019, with the highest price reduction of 80% for products, three of which are for one enterprise, and the final products of the enterprise have been greatly reduced< br / > the first round of Nanjing alliance, with a maximum price reduction of 80%: < br / > according to the information of Nanjing Medical Insurance Bureau, on August 16, 2019, Nanjing, Taizhou and Huai'an alliance started the first negotiation on the volume of consumablesSpecifically, it involves 4 categories and 14 product specifications consumables, including implantable drug delivery device (infusion port), pre filled catheter washer, precision infusion device and closed retention needle, with a total of 323 models< br / > after the negotiation, the maximum price of consumables will be reduced by 80.39%, and the minimum price will be reduced by 51.67%, with an average decrease of 72.61% (including 75.14% in Nanjing) < br / > in the second round of negotiation with an equipment company in Nanjing Alliance: < br / > according to Xinhua Daily, on September 26, 2019, representatives of Hospital Procurement Alliance in Nanjing and Huai'an were officially invited to negotiate with the first production and supply company, which promoted the price reduction of more than 200 consumables by 25% at the same time < br / > in the third round of Nanjing alliance, all products of an equipment company were reduced in price: < br / > according to the information of Nanjing Medical Insurance Bureau, on October 30, 2019, Nanjing alliance completed the third round of consumables negotiation, with the highest price drop of 83.86%, of which: < br / > after the negotiation, the average drop of central venous catheter was 70.82%; the maximum drop of blood dialyzer products was 66.86%, The average decrease rate was 41.54%; the maximum decrease rate of orthodontic bracket products was 64.78%, and the average decrease rate was 33.59% < br / > in addition, Nanjing alliance also conducts overall negotiation on all products of an equipment company, and the final overall reduction is 30% < br / > in the fourth round of Nanjing alliance, negotiation continued for an equipment enterprise: < br / > according to the report of modern express, on November 29, 2019, Nanjing, Taizhou and Huai'an hospital alliance again negotiated for all products of an equipment enterprise < br / > in the end, the price of orthopedic consumables of this national well-known machinery enterprise has been reduced by 24%, the price of general consumables by 33%, and the price of cardiac surgical consumables by 33%, with an average decrease of 30% for all products It is estimated that the annual medical expenses saved in Nanjing, Taizhou and Huai'an will be about 50 million yuan.
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