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    The highest price reduction of consumables is 80%, involving Medtronic, poco and Fresenius

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
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    Finishing: Chocolate < br / > price linkage, quantity purchase, medical insurance negotiation, and consumables bargaining< br / > < br / > < br / > recently, Heilongjiang public resources trading network released the implementation announcement of high value medical consumables and published the price linkage information of 281 consumables products< br / > according to the sorting of cypress blue equipment, 281 products have been reduced in different degrees, involving domestic and foreign equipment enterprises such as Medtronic, poco, Fresenius, Shandong Jiwei, etc< br / > the price of the implantable defibrillation electrode wire of Boko was adjusted from 25000 yuan to 12740 yuan, a decrease of 49.40%; < br / > the price of disposable endoscopic stapler and nail chamber assembly of Changzhou Lockman was adjusted from 4500 yuan to 2860 yuan, a decrease of 36.44%; < br / > the price of the balloon dilated catheter (commercial name Pacific Xtreme) of Medtronic was adjusted from 4000 yuan to 2859.5 yuan, a decrease of 28.51%< br / > Heilongjiang public resources trading network has published price linkage information for many times, with the maximum price drop of 80%: < br / > on April 21 this year, 140 kinds of consumables were adjusted, and the maximum price reduction of vascular intervention consumables was 75.25%< br / > on October 16, 2019, the price of 33 kinds of consumables decreased by more than 50%, and the price of one type of connecting lock nail decreased from 4017 yuan to 800 yuan, a decrease of 80.08%< br / > on November 12, 2019, the price of 13 kinds of consumables decreased by more than 50%, among which the price of one orthopedic implant consumables of Dabo medical decreased from 500 yuan to 108 yuan, a decrease of 78.4%< br / > according to the news of people's network on May 26, Heilongjiang Medical Insurance Bureau dynamically adjusted the bidding price (online price) of medical consumables in combination with the actual situation of all provinces in the countryIn case that the latest bidding price (online price) of other provinces is lower than the online price of Heilongjiang Province, dynamic price adjustment materials shall be submitted within 30 days from the date of price implementation< br / > the average price of 3571 high-value medical consumables has been reduced by 10.23%On June 12, Fujian Medical Insurance Bureau issued the notice on publishing the centralized volume purchase documents of medical consumables in Fujian Province, publishing the centralized volume purchase documents of four types of medical consumables, including artificial joint, retention needle, ultrasonic knife, analgesic pump, and suspending the centralized volume purchase of medical consumables for cardiac stentSee the following figure for details of procurement of 4 types of consumables with volume: < br / > < br / > < br / / > the agreed procurement volume of the above 4 types of consumables is determined based on 70% of the total consumption of public medical institutions at or above level 2 in the province from October 1, 2018 to September 30, 2019< br / > on the same day, Fujian Medical Insurance Bureau also issued a notice that it will hold a publicity meeting on centralized and volume purchasing of medical consumables from June 15 to 16 (the specific list of participating machinery enterprises is attached at the end of the paper)< br / > among them, 25 mechanical enterprises including Johnson & Johnson, Jiemai, Smith & nephew, Weigao, and Stryker attended the conference; < br / > 10 mechanical enterprises including Johnson & Johnson, Olympus and Wuhan banbiantian attended the conference; < br / > 19 mechanical enterprises including Jiangsu aipeng and Hanan camel attended the Conference; < br / > retention needle enterprises including BD, Yuyue, Beilang, kantlai, etc 27 machinery enterprises< br / > in addition to Fujian Province, on June 12, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Trading Center also issued the notice on the procurement work of Guangdong medical consumables alliance, indicating the establishment of Guangdong medical consumables alliance procurement area< br / > the main purchasers are grass-roots medical and health institutions run by the government, public medical institutions above the county level, disease control institutions and health and family planning service institutions, and social medical institutions designated by medical insurance< br / > at the same time, it is required that the market price of consumables in the alliance area is linked once every six months On the basis of the current purchase price of medical institutions in the alliance area and the price of medical consumables in other regions of the country, the low value between the two is taken as the new purchase price < br / > < br / > on June 8, the state health insurance bureau issued the Interim Measures for the management of medical consumables for basic medical insurance (Draft for comments), which clearly requires that for exclusive products, in principle, the first payment standard for medical insurance should be determined through negotiation < br / > if the negotiation is successful, the medical insurance department shall pay according to the payment standard determined in the negotiation agreement If the negotiation is unsuccessful, it will not be included in the scope of medical insurance payment, and if it has been included in the catalog, it will be transferred out Negotiation rules for medical consumables shall be formulated separately < br / > in fact, as early as July 31, 2019, when the State Council printed and issued the reform plan for the treatment of high value medical consumables, it has clearly stated that the price access negotiation for high value medical consumables medical insurance should be carried out It is required to establish a basic medical insurance access system for high-value medical consumables, gradually implement the medical insurance access price negotiation for high-value medical consumables, and realize the exchange of quantity for price < br / > on December 5, 2019, the state health insurance bureau issued the reply of the state health insurance bureau to the proposal No 2583 of the second session of the 13th National People's Congress, which once again stated that for the exclusive products or patent products with high clinical value and high market price, we should explore the establishment of negotiation mechanism, take the medical insurance reimbursement as the lever, and promote the reasonable price formation < br / > it is understood that according to the work plan of national medical insurance drug catalog adjustment in 2019 issued by the State Medical Insurance Bureau, the transfer in of national medical insurance can be divided into two ways: regular access and negotiation access, in which the exclusive patent products with high price or great influence on medical insurance fund should be allowed to enter the medical insurance catalog through negotiation < br / > whether the machinery and enterprise products can enter the medical insurance will directly affect whether the products can enter the hospital smoothly and how much they are used in the hospital, and the secret to the success of the medical insurance negotiation is still to reduce the price < br / > take drugs as an example In April 2017, the first round of medical insurance negotiation for drugs was completed, and the final 36 drug negotiations were successful, with an average price decrease of 44% and a maximum decrease of 70% < br / > in June 2018, the second round of medical insurance negotiation was launched, and finally 17 kinds of anti-cancer drugs were successfully negotiated Compared with the average retail price, the payment standard of negotiated drugs decreased by 56.7% on average < br / > in November 2019, the third round of health insurance negotiation was completed, 70 of the 119 new drugs were successfully negotiated, with an average price reduction of 60.7% The average decrease rate of three kinds of hepatitis C treatment drugs is more than 85%, and the average decrease rate of cancer, diabetes and other treatment drugs is about 65%
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