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    The immune system is involved in stress-induced depression and anxiety

    • Last Update: 2021-02-28
    • Source: Internet
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    Environmental stress stimulation can increase the risk of depression and anxiety.
    body's immune system responds quickly to environmental stress stimuli, and whether the immune system is involved in the occurrence of depression and anxiety caused by environmental stress is a scientific question to be explored.
    With the special support of the national key research and development plan "Developmental Programming and Metabolic Regulation", a study by zhejiang university research team and partners found that mice that lacked CD4-T lymphocytes or used specific antibodies to remove CD4-T cells were less likely to develop anxiety-like behavior after environmental stress stimulation, suggesting that CD4-T lymphocytes were involved in depression and anxiety caused by environmental stress.
    Further analysis found that environmental pressure stimulation can induce the production of white triene B4 in mice, and white triene B4 can cause mitochondrials of CD4-T cells in the outer blood to break up, which in turn leads to cd4-T lymphocyte metabolism disorders, so that a large number of the resulting jaundice into the body fluid circulation.
    The entry of jaundice through the blood-brain barrier into the brain can cause the less protrusive glial cells in the amygdala region on the left side of the brain to activate, which in turn activates neurons, eventually leading to anxiety, depression and social disorders in mice, among other behavioral abnormalities.
    their study also confirmed that inhibiting the synthesis of radon allows mice to recover from anxiety.
    the study linked immune cell metabolic disorders caused by environmental stress stimulation to anxiety behavior, a mechanism that provides new directions for the treatment of immune and psychiatric diseases.
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