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    The impact of pressing the "accelerator" key for the development of the pharmaceutical industry on the upstream pharmaceutical machinery industry

    • Last Update: 2022-06-21
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      [ Market analysis of chemical machinery equipment network ] China's pharmaceutical industry has entered the era of high-quality, high-input innovative drugs, especially since this year, due to the impact of special periods, the fields of medicine, medical treatment and health have attracted much attention.
    With the aging of our country's population and the improvement of consumption levels, people's health awareness will continue to increase, and the demand for pharmaceutical products will continue to expand.
    The pharmaceutical industry is facing huge opportunities and challenges.
    In this regard, in recent years, policies have also given continuous favorable support to the pharmaceutical industry.
    According to *September 17, the next step, *will support the accelerated development of the pharmaceutical industry.
    This will also have a certain impact on the upstream pharmaceutical machinery industry.

    Chemical machinery and equipment network market analysis chemical machinery and equipment
      Specifically, * will implement the "Pharmaceutical Industry Development Planning Guide", strengthen policy guidance for the development of the pharmaceutical industry, increase investment in the research and development and industrialization of key medical materials, promote the improvement of production technology, and promote a number of key common technologies and demonstration drives Projects with strong effects will realize the transformation and upgrading and high-quality development of the pharmaceutical industry.


      The author believes that under the background of pressing the "accelerator" key for the development of the pharmaceutical industry, the pharmaceutical machinery industry, as the upstream of the pharmaceutical industry, will also be deeply affected, or promote the entire pharmaceutical machinery industry to accelerate the transformation and upgrading.


      The industry urgently needs to transform in the direction
    The industry urgently needs to transform in the direction
      On the one hand, with the advancement of policies such as normalization of centralized procurement and consistency evaluation, pharmaceutical companies are facing challenges such as rising costs and capacity expansion, and the demand for the upstream equipment industry will change.


      It is understood that compared to a single supplier of equipment, a supplier that can provide pharmaceutical equipment while providing complete solutions for pharmaceutical companies is better able to meet the diversified needs of pharmaceutical companies.
    At present, domestic pharmaceutical machinery companies are also transforming in this regard.
    Various equipment and technology solution providers have appeared on the market, such as companies dedicated to solving the transmission problems of various liquids and even solid particles in the hose; It is an energy-saving
    heat exchanger and complete equipment company that provides customers with effective solutions to reduce costs and increase efficiency ; manufacturers are committed to providing users with integrated solutions for membrane integration technology including water treatment and fluid separation.
    These companies rely on their respective program advantages to meet the needs of many pharmaceutical companies, so that they have a corresponding advantage in the field of focus.

    Pharmaceutical equipment heat exchanger
      On the other hand, in order to improve product quality and help the high-quality development of the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical companies' requirements for production equipment will also change, and they tend to be more efficient and intelligent equipment.


      It is reported that *recently mentioned that it will promote the increase of investment in the research and development and industrialization of anti-cancer drugs and other key drugs, and actively apply the new generation of information technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence to accelerate the development of new therapeutic drugs.
    In this context, the pace of intelligentization of the pharmaceutical equipment industry will also accelerate.


      In fact, in recent years, with policies supporting the development of "intelligent manufacturing" and the acceleration of the development of "new infrastructure" under favorable policies, the pharmaceutical equipment industry is accelerating its transformation and upgrading in the direction of automation, intelligence, and informatization.
    It is foreseeable that in the future, a large number of low-level and backward-capacity equipment will be gradually eliminated, the market may usher in a new round of reshuffle and innovation, and the concentration of the pharmaceutical machinery industry will increase.


      Possible challenges on the way
    Possible challenges on the way
      First, there is a shortage of experienced professionals and high-level talents.
    In the process of accelerating the transformation of pharmaceutical equipment enterprises, shortcomings of talents are often the "blockers" in the development process.
    With the fierce market competition, how to recruit, attract and retain talents is a major problem.


      The industry believes that salaries in the pharmaceutical industry are generally not high and it is difficult to attract talents.
    In the future, it may be necessary to improve the legal protection of vocational education, cooperate in-depth with colleges and universities, and scientific research institutions, implement separate class assignments and categorized training, help companies improve the talent evaluation and incentive mechanism, and optimize the talent environment in this field.


      Second, the lack of core technology.
    The lack of core technology can be said to be a "stuck neck" problem on the road to the high-quality development of the entire domestic pharmaceutical equipment industry.
    Since my country's pharmaceutical equipment companies are basically small and medium-sized, their overall independent innovation capabilities are not strong, and they lack enthusiasm in R&D investment, and the competitive advantages of the product technology and quality in the market are not obvious.


      In this regard, the industry believes that it is necessary to start with policy support and enterprises to improve their independent innovation capabilities.
    In terms of policies, funding and technical support are needed.
    For companies themselves, they need to continuously improve their awareness of innovation, focus on lean management, strengthen R&D investment, create products with core technologies, and accelerate product import substitution.


      In general, medicine as a rigid demand, the future prospects are still considerable.
    On the road to the high-quality development of the pharmaceutical industry, the upstream pharmaceutical machinery industry, as an important auxiliary production equipment, also needs to keep pace with the times, follow up with the new needs and requirements of pharmaceutical companies, continue to innovate technologies, accelerate transformation and upgrading, and boost the pharmaceutical industry High-quality development.


      Original title: Talking about the impact of pressing the "accelerator" key for the development of the pharmaceutical industry on the upstream pharmaceutical machinery industry
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