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    The increase in the price of titanium dioxide is a good opportunity for the paint industry to take advantage of the price increase

    • Last Update: 2021-02-18
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    China Paint Network
    News: In order to promote energy conservation and environmental protection, from February 1 this year, according to the State Administration of Taxation on the battery
    consumption tax collection and management related issues of the announcement, the battery, paint levy 4% consumption tax. At present, there are many provinces and cities throughout the country have begun to
    the local
    enterprises to collect consumption tax.
    the paint consumption tax is coming, how to deal with it? The problem seems to be well solved, pushing that part of the levy down one step at a time until it's transitioning to consumers - but that's not scientific. Blind price increases, consumers do not necessarily buy. According to Chinese and foreign
    Passing Network
    editor-in-chief Zhou Changfeng in his column "paint enterprises: the heart wants to rise but dare not speak out" article analysis: "At this stage, for furniture paint enterprises to create 80%, or even more than 90% of the income is
    ." In the construction state, VOC emissions higher than 420G/L to pay 4% of the paint consumption tax fee standard, so that furniture paint enterprises under the nest almost no eggs. "That's why companies have their own attitudes about "up and down."
    , the world's largest paint giant, has officially announced a 4 per cent price increase from April 1, 2015. But companies that can "rise easily" like Berger are rare.
    Since entering 2015, the paint industry can be described as a wave of uneven wave after wave, consumption tax has just "invaded" and another wave swept in - just this month, the domestic
    tumium dioxide
    market wonderful, before there are rumors of price increases, after the fake play really do some enterprises have increased prices, the rhythm of the entire market can be described as ups and downs.
    Chinese and foreign paint network reporters noted that on April 1, a number of domestic titanium dioxide enterprises raised prices 300-500 yuan / ton, including Shandong Dongjia, Pansteel titanium industry and Jiangxi Tianguang price increase of 300 yuan / ton, Guangdong Huiyun price increase 500 yuan / ton. In addition, recently, according to relevant reports, in mid-March, the company took the lead in raising the price of goldstone-type titanium dioxide 300 yuan / ton to 118,000 yuan / ton to 12,000 yuan / ton, an increase of about 2.6%, after the price increase and the domestic titanium white powder leader Sichuan Longyu existing prices; At the same time, the price of titanium-type products rose 500 yuan / ton, or 5.26% to 5.38%, after the price increase in the range of 9800 yuan to 10,000 yuan / ton, this is the first time this year on the price of titanium dioxide increase. In addition, China Nuclear Titanium White also has plans to raise the price of gold-redstone products in recent days; And Anada from yesterday began to seal the order, meaning that the company will also start to increase prices, but it is expected that the price of redstone-type products more likely, after all, the company has just recently raised the price of sharp titanium-type titanium dioxide 300 yuan / ton.
    industry analysis, titanium dioxide powder in the future there are still upward expectations, do not rule out the possibility of continued price increases.
    the titanium dioxide industry so "disturbing", so that as a downstream industry of the paint industry can not help but pinch a sweat.
    crisis crisis, the crisis is organic. Zhou Changfeng, editor-in-chief of Sino-foreign Paint Network, believes that price increases in upstream industries are not a bad thing. He believes that the paint consumption tax of 4%, domestic paint enterprises want to increase prices, but dare not rise, because a rise in furniture enterprises do not choose you, other competitors can also take advantage of organic. And now titanium dioxide enterprises have increased prices, seemingly dangerous, but those encountered. "If the price of major raw materials such as titanium dioxide continues to rise, this is a good opportunity for paint companies to take advantage of the price increase." He said.
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