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    The industrialized production of edible fungi industry is gradually becoming a trend, and bag packaging and sterilization equipment help to upgrade the file

    • Last Update: 2022-08-31
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    As people pay more attention to a balanced dietary structure, in recent years, the choice of cooking ingredients has also shown a trend of diversification, especially the market sales of foods such as king oyster mushrooms and crab-flavored mushrooms with high nutritional value have increased year by year.

    Edible mushrooms are rich in protein, amino acids, vitamins and various trace elements

    In recent years, affected by various factors such as the shortage of arable land resources, the improvement of edible mushroom cultivation technology, and the increase in demand for balanced diets, the edible mushroom industry has ushered in a period of rapid growth

    It is worth mentioning that behind the continuous expansion of the edible mushroom industry and the continuous growth of output, the support of industrial production is indispensable

    As the edible fungus industry has become a key industry for poverty alleviation in the region, each edible fungus production area is also striving to increase the level of industrial production, and leverage advanced bagging equipment and sterilization equipment to enable production

    At the same time, compared with the traditional normal pressure sterilization pot or sterilization stove, the high temperature and high pressure sterilization equipment is currently used in the production of edible fungi, and the parameters such as pressure and temperature of the sterilization equipment can be easily realized on the basis of automatic control.

    China's edible fungus industry is developing towards industrialization, automation and intelligence, which will further promote the continuous improvement of the standardization level of edible fungi.

    (Source: Food Machinery Equipment Network)

    "China Food News" (08 edition on April 23, 2021)

    (Editor-in-charge: Qu Yuening)


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