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    The integration of urban and rural development highlights the elements of medical and health care

    • Last Update: 2021-02-28
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    5, the Opinions of the State Council of the CPC Central Committee on the Establishment and Improvement of the Institutional Mechanism and Policy System for the Integration and Development of Urban and Rural Areas were issued. The Opinions put forward the establishment and improvement of institutional mechanisms conducive to the universal sharing of basic public services in urban and rural areas, encouraged county hospitals and township hospitals to establish county-level medical community, and encouraged large urban hospitals and county hospitals to establish peer-to-peer assistance, roving medical and telemedicial mechanisms. By 2022, the institutional mechanism for urban-rural integration and development will be initially established, by 2035, the institutional mechanism for urban-rural integration and development will be more perfect, and by the middle of this century, the institutional mechanism for urban-rural integration and development will be mature and stereotyped.
    "Opinion" clearly, improve the rural medical and health service system. We will establish and improve relevant policies and systems, increase the attractiveness of posts for primary health care personnel, and strengthen the construction of rural medical and health personnel. Improve the conditions of township hospitals and village health rooms, establish and improve the system of medical waste collection and transfer according to local conditions, improve the prevention and control capacity of chronic diseases, occupational diseases, local diseases and major infectious diseases, strengthen mental health work, and advocate eugenics and eugenics. We will establish a comprehensive system of graded diagnosis and treatment and implement a differentiated medical insurance payment policy.
    "Opinion" put forward, the establishment of urban talent into the countryside incentive mechanism. To formulate financial, financial, social security and other incentive policies to attract all kinds of talents to return home to start a business. Establish a mechanism for cooperation and exchange of urban and rural talents, explore ways to promote the regular service of urban education, culture and health care workers to the countryside through the appropriate separation of posts. We will promote job title assessment and salary treatment to rural teachers and doctors, and optimize the proportion of senior posts among rural teachers and doctors.
    The Opinions clearly state that we will improve the unified social insurance system for urban and rural areas, improve the unified system of basic medical insurance, major illness insurance and basic old-age insurance for urban and rural residents, consolidate the direct settlement of medical insurance for medical treatment in different places throughout the country;
    "Opinion" put forward, relying on the "Internet plus" and "double creation" to promote the transformation of agricultural production and business model, improve rural tourism, farming culture experience, health and old-age care and other new business cultivation mechanism. We will improve the overall planning system for urban and rural areas, strengthen the integrated design of urban and rural areas, and comprehensively promote industrial development and infrastructure and public services. (Health Report)
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