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    The intelligent construction of Shanghai Chemical Industry Park has entered a stage of accelerated upgrading

    • Last Update: 2021-05-01
    • Source: Internet
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    The Shanghai Chemical Industry Park held a work exchange meeting on the promotion of the construction of the smart park last week.
    Ma Jing, director of the Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone Management Committee, said that the construction of the Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone’s smart park has entered a stage of accelerated upgrading.
    The next step will be to increase project promotion and achieve practical results in the park’s smart management and construction.

    At the meeting, Shanghai Chemical Industry Park also issued the "Smart Park Construction Special Support Implementation Measures", "Smart Government Information System Resource Exchange Interface Standard" and "Smart Government Information Resource Catalog System Specification", aiming to promote the construction of the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park smart park.

    According to Yu Liangru, deputy director of the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park Management Committee, in the past year, the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park has taken the lead in the country to sound the number of advancements in the smart upgrade of chemical parks.
    The construction of smart business, smart government and smart service projects is progressing in an orderly manner, and has achieved phased progress.
    Enterprises in the park take the initiative, management agencies strive to be the first, and departments in the district compete to follow.
    For example, SECCO actively develops wireless private network construction, focusing on the two main lines of smart factory agility, fastness, safety and stability, and using the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence applications to enhance competitiveness; Henkel uses industrial big data to analyze and control production management processes to Seek to ultimately achieve continuous improvement in product quality and efficiency enhancement; German companies such as Covestro, BASF, and Evonik take the initiative to benchmark Industry 4.
    0 and accelerate the pace of intelligent transformation of their production processes; Sino-French water, combined heat and power, and Vopak Port And other public engineering companies, effectively using dual identities, show their talents in the field of smart production, and strive to make a difference in the field of smart services.

    In order to further promote the smart construction of the park, the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park issued a special support policy at the meeting-tailor-made "Smart Park Construction Special Support Implementation Measures" (referred to as the "Methods") in line with the characteristics of the chemical park.
    According to the "Measures", in the future, Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone will support the upgrading and transformation projects of enterprises in the zone using new-generation technologies such as intelligent equipment and systems, the Internet of Things, and big data; support the improvement of the investment and business environment and the foundation for improving the level of smart services in the zone Facilities construction; support the application of information technology, carry out "Internet + government affairs services", online government affairs hall construction and other projects to improve the level of refinement and intelligence of government affairs management; support enterprises and institutions to hold major academic exchange seminars in the field of smart parks in the chemical zone , Forums and exhibitions.

    The "Measures" also stipulate that special support generally adopts the method of gratuitous funding, and grants no more than 30% of the approved investment of the project, up to a maximum of 20 million yuan; for the organization of major academic exchange seminars, forums and exhibitions in the field of smart parks After being identified, each activity will be given free funding not exceeding 50% of its activity cost, and the cumulative free funding for each type of activity will not exceed 500,000 yuan per year; for projects that provide public services or public management for the smart park in the chemical industry zone, it can be used The government purchases services and executes them in accordance with relevant regulations on government procurement.

    The release ceremony of the "Smart Government Information Resource Catalog System Specification" and "Smart Government Information Resource Exchange Interface Standard" was also held at the meeting.
    It is reported that these two standards are the first in the national chemical parks, aiming to integrate the information data and resources of various line management units in the park through a unified information interface standard, eliminate the phenomenon of information islands and data fragmentation among park management units, and realize collaborative office , Coordinated approval, coordinated supervision and coordinated services.

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