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    The key to cultural and creative ice cream is value for money

    • Last Update: 2021-06-23
    • Source: Internet
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    Guilin Xiangshan Scenic Area Ice Cream Landscape Ice Cream, Sichuan Sanxingdui Cultural Relic Ice Cream, Beijing Yuyuantan Cherry Ice Cream.
    With the advent of summer, many scenic spots have started writing on ice cream, and even become a phenomenon-level cultural and creative product in the tourism circle


    Wenchuang ice cream's "out of the circle" attracts attention, mainly because these products fit the diversified pursuit of contemporary consumption
    Nowadays, many people travel not only to visit the mountains and water, but also very interested in food, culture, history and other aspects

    Reflecting history and the image of famous places in cultural and creative products such as ice cream, or integrating things that the masses like to see and hear into various small objects, some cultural and creative products are winning the attention and love of more and more tourists


    However, there are also some cultural and creative products that are used as publicity stunts, lacking the proper cultural, historical, and artistic background, nor highlighting the novelty, beauty, and characteristics of the appearance
    The prices of individual brands have soared because of the cultural and creative titles, but the taste and packaging are rough and single, and the price-performance ratio is far from the psychological expectations of tourists

    Such a product is not only flashy and empty, it also lacks core values ​​and is hard to resonate

    There are also some products that are too simple to use landscapes and images to create cultural creations, imitating formally, and have boring connotations, which will be discarded by the market


    In fact, cultural and creative products have become popular in traffic and attract attention.
    The key lies in whether they are value for money.
    They have ornamental value, practical value, and commemorative value, reflect the historical and cultural background and connotation, and can fully grasp the psychology of consumers and the market.

    Therefore, for the creation of cultural and creative products to successfully break through and have a long-lasting effect, it is necessary to keep the pulse of the quasi-market, innovating in conception, design, connotation, and >
    Local cultural and tourism departments should raise their awareness of the value of cultural and creative products, formulate special policies and measures, encourage and support creators to create more value-for-money, value-for-money works, and promote cultural and tourism industry and local economic and social development


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