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    The Kunming Plant of the Chinese Academy of Sciences cultivates 3 new varieties of spring flowers

    • Last Update: 2021-02-27
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    Bai Shui Zixia

    red pink good people

    gold powder good people
    Kunming plants in the very small population of wild plants integrated protection team to cultivate 3 new varieties of spring flowers, and through the evaluation obtained 3 new varieties of horticultural plants in Yunnan Province authorized certificate. The three new varieties are the natural hybrid offspring of the orange lamp table spring and the red light table spring "red pink good man" and "golden pink good person", and the natural hybrid offspring of the fennel lamp table spring and sea fairy flower "white water purple xia".
    The southwest region of China is considered to be the origin and distribution center of the Spring Flower Genus of the World, but the research on the innovative utilization of plant species resources and the development of new varieties is relatively lagging behind, and the real examples of natural hybridization research are rarely reported. The integrated conservation team of wild plants in very small populations established an ornamental characteristic evaluation system for these hybrid offspring with clear genetic background and successful introduction, screened out the single natural hybrid offspring with outstanding ornamental characteristics and wide prospect of horticultural utilization, broke through the high-efficiency nutrition and reproduction technology of these excellent single plants and mastered its high-efficiency integrated cultivation technology.
    In recent years, the team has focused on the horticultural utilization of natural hybridization and hybrid offspring of spring flower genus plants, and in the early stages, the hybrid offspring of orange and red light stations and their formation have been studied, revealing the hybridization process and its possible maintenance reasons through fragment sequencing, molecular markers, and a large number of field experiments.
    same time, the team explored the relationship between natural hybridization and the formation and maintenance of very small populations, using the natural hybrid areas of the very small population of wild plant musk lamps and the widespread species of sea fairy blossoms. The study found that only 1 residential group in the spring of the fennel lamp station to maintain a relatively pure genetic background, the remaining 2 residential groups have detected the existence of hybrid gradual seepage, especially in the white water table group, most of the form identified as the fennel lamp station spring individuals detected the return gradual seepage, and its proportion is much larger than the wide-ranging species of sea fairy flowers, suggesting that the genetic swamp will accelerate the spring of the fennel lamp station endangered. In addition, this asymmetric hybridization is related to the differences in crossbreeding affinity between the post-hybrid species. The findings were recently published in Plant Biology.
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