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    The Lancet :D two phase 3 clinical results released to relieve sinusitis and asthma

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    CRSwNP is a chronic type 2 allergic inflammation that causes the growth of nasal polyps, clogs the sinuses and nasal cavity, and causes severe nasal congestion, snot, facial pain, and damage to smell and tasteChronic sinusitis with nasal polyps for a long time can seriously affect the health and normal life of patientsUntil now, standard treatment options have been very limited, and patients often need to use innasal and oral corticosteroids or even undergo surgery, but the recurrence rate is very highAs a result, patients urgently need a new and safe treatment to help them return to a normal quality of lifeDupixent is a humanized monoclonal antibody that specifically inhibits excessive signaling of leukocyte interleukin-4 (IL-4) and leukocyte interleukin-13 (IL-13), two key proteins that are considered to be the main drivers of type 2 allergic inflammationDupixent is the first biologic therapy to be approved by the FDA to treat patients with CRSwNP whose symptoms are not adequately controlledCurrently, Dupixent is approved to treat three types of type 2 inflammation-induced indications, including moderate to severe eczema, moderate-severe asthma, and CRSwNPtwo key phase 3 trials for the published data were LIBERTY NP SINUS-24 and LIBERTY NP SINUS-52, with 724 patients involvedTrials showed that patients who received a combination of Dupixent and corticosteroid nasal spray standard therapy had their nasal polyps reduced and the severity of nasal congestion significantly reduced, reaching the same primary endpoint of both trialsDupixent also alleviates other chronic sinusitis symptoms and improves the patient's sense of smellin addition, the results of an analysis in a pre-set group of patientsubgroups showed that Dupixent reduced the need for corticosteroid use by 74% and surgery by 83% compared to placebosIt's worth noting that in patients with asthma at the same time, Dupixent showed improvements in lung function and control of asthma attacksDupixent also shows good security"
    The results of these two trials show that Dupixent can improve all disease indicators of CRSwNP," said lead researcher DrClaus Bachert, a professor of otolaryngology at Ghent UniversityThese patients often have a huge burden on their lives because of poor control The positive results of Dupixent are very important for these patients References: The Lancet Publishes Results from Two Phase Positive 3 Trials of Dupixent ® (dupilumab) in Severe Chronic Rhinosinusitis with Nasal Polyps (CRSwNP), Retrieved September 20, 2019, from
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