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The largest clinical trial room for cancer in China has been put into use in Tianjin.

  • Last Update: 2020-08-12
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On September 8th, the Phase I clinical trial ward of Tianjin Cancer Hospital was officially put into use. This is currently the largest clinical trial ward in China, can independently undertake the national new drug I- IV phase clinical trials, pharmacokinetics and bioequivalence and other new drug clinical evaluation trials, clinical research of medical devices and other projects. Professor Chen Kexin, Vice President of Tianjin Cancer Hospital, said that the establishment of the ward will strongly promote the progress of clinical research on tumors, and that future cancer patients who come to the hospital will be expected to use the latest anti-tumor drugs from home and abroad in the first place and get free treatment opportunities.
", the incidence of malignant tumors is increasing year by year, and the treatment status quo is not satisfactory, has become one of the most common causes of death. The development of the treatment of malignant tumors depends on the development of new drugs and devices, new drug clinical trials can promote the development of oncology research, and gradually change the status quo, for patients to bring more treatment opportunities, and the main process of new drug research and development to market is clinical trials. "The main goal of Phase I clinical trials is to assess the safety, pharmacological effects and tolerance of new drugs in the human body, and to verify the accuracy of the efficacy and safety indicators of new drugs in the course of treatment of patients by tracking the absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of new drugs in the human body," Chen said. At present, the hospital has dozens of clinical trial projects at the same time, will gradually increase the anti-tumor drug Phase I clinical trial input and cultivation, for cancer patients to explore the best treatment. "
in the United States, most cancer patients are actively involved in and benefit from clinical trials. The world's most authoritative and influential comprehensive cancer network guidelines also point out that the best treatment for patients with malignant tumors is to participate in clinical trials. But at present, in China, most cancer patients can only alleviate symptoms through some complementary treatment after the failure of routine treatment, and it is difficult to obtain better disease treatment options.
, Tianjin Cancer Hospital Phase I Clinical TrialS Ward Director Dr. Shi Yehui, said that in the development of the new drug Phase I clinical trial project development research, cancer patients who meet the scope of treatment of the drug can apply to the Phase I clinical trial ward or their own competent doctor, after a series of physical examinations, if the conditions are met, after signing the informed consent form, you can receive free new drug treatment and related examination. After eliminating the cost of drugs and examinations, the overall cost of treatment for patients will also be significantly reduced.According to
, Phase I clinical trial ward open beds 28, in accordance with the requirements of the National Health and Planning Commission for Phase I clinical trials, the construction of an independent Phase I ward, beautiful environment and low cost, and equipped with independent life monitoring equipment and special emergency facilities, and set up specimen storage equipment and treatment room. The area is equipped with a high level of professional medical team, has many years of experience in clinical research and basic research, to provide patients with a full range of safety and security. At present, the ward has carried out a number of head and neck tumors, lung tumors and other clinical trials, for cancer patients who meet the requirements of the project to carry out related treatment. Later, new drug clinical studies including digestive system tumors, breast cancer and other systemic malignancies in the whole body will be carried out.
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