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    The largest petrochemical exhibition in western China-Xinjiang International Petrochemical Exhibition will be held in October 2016

    • Last Update: 2022-03-02
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    Petroleum and chemical industry is an important pillar industry in Xinjiang's economic development, and it is also one of the industries with the most resource advantages and development potential in Xinjiang
    After decades of development, Xinjiang’s petroleum and chemical industries have made great achievements, forming Karamay, Zhundong, Kui (Tun)-Du (Shanzi), Shihezi, Urumqi, Tu (Lufan)-Hah (Mi), Ku (Car)-Bai (City), Korla, and other different scales and distinctive petrochemical, coal chemical, salt chemical, chlor-alkali chemical, and fine chemical production bases
    However, Xinjiang's chemical industry still faces problems such as an excessively large proportion of upstream development, a small proportion of downstream fine and deep processing, relatively weak technological innovation and research and development capabilities, and relatively backward industrial supporting conditions.
    These problems restrict Xinjiang's chemical industry from becoming stronger and bigger
    In order to promote the sustainable and healthy development of Xinjiang’s petroleum and chemical industry, the “2016 Xinjiang International Chemical Industry Exhibition & 2016” was jointly sponsored by China Chemical Enterprise Management Association, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, and Xinjiang Shihua Rongtai Exhibition Service Co.
    , Ltd.
    "Xinjiang International Petrochemical and Chemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition" will be held in Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center (Urumqi) from October 21 to 23, 2016, and the "2016 Xinjiang Chemical Industry Sustainable Development Forum" will be held at the same time as the exhibition
    At that time, the organizing committee will extensively invite relevant government departments, industry associations, well-known enterprises, scientific research institutions, and news media in the field of petroleum and chemical industry at home and abroad to participate, so as to further extend Xinjiang's petrochemical industry chain, eliminate industry development bottlenecks, and promote Xinjiang's petrochemical industry.
    Extensive exchanges and discussions on large-scale, intensive, integrated, and professional development
    As the largest petrochemical exhibition in western China, this exhibition covers oil, natural gas, coal, electricity and coal chemical, chlor-alkali, salt chemical industry, fertilizer industry and other industries with the most resource advantages in Xinjiang.
    The organizing committee will organize and invite Tuha Oilfield, Xinjiang Oilfield, Tarim Oilfield, Northwest Oilfield, Karamay Petrochemical, Dushanzi Petrochemical, Urumqi Petrochemical, Tahe Petrochemical, Western Pipeline, China-Kazakhstan Pipeline, Shenhua Group, China Coal Group, Zhongtai Chemical, Guanghui Energy, Xinjiang Yihua, SDIC Lop Nor Potassium Site visits and purchases of Xinjiang energy and chemical companies such as Yan, Qinghua Energy, etc.

    The organizing committee sincerely invites relevant enterprises and institutions in the petrochemical industry at home and abroad to actively participate in this exhibition.
    We believe that this exhibition will be your opportunity to further develop the oil, natural gas, coal, electricity, coal chemical, chlor-alkali, salt chemical, and fertilizer industrial markets in Xinjiang.
    The best platform
    For details, please contact the Organizing Committee: Address: Room 501, Building 5, Shenhua City, Shenhua Group, No.
    311, West 1st Lane, Changchun Middle Road, Urumqi High-tech Zone, Xinjiang (Zip Code: 830013) Contact: Qi Lixia Phone: 18690818303 Telephone Words: 0991-309 1508
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