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    The latest development of depression research and drug development

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
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    < br / >For example, the International Federation of professional football players' survey of 1602 athletes shows that 22% and 13% of female / male athletes have depressionA survey of more than 150 athletes in Australia found that 55% of them had anxiety symptoms and 45% had depression symptomsFamous sports psychologists at home and abroad have put forward that it is urgent to guide athletes' psychologyIn this article, the editor reviewed the recent research progress and drug research and development progress on the relief or treatment of < br / > depression for you to share with you[1]changing your diet may help relieve depressionsource:Depression:Brief change in diet may relieve symptoms
    a study by the Manchester Metropolitan University Center for Biological Sciences found that eating foods that are known to promote inflammation, such as high cholesterol, saturated fat and carbohydrate, It will increase the possibility of depression (about 40%)Recently, a 12 week clinical study showed that "improving diet can provide effective strategies for the treatment of" major depression ""The results were published in the latest PLoS One magazineIn this study, scientists hope to reveal whether young people with depression can benefit from three weeks of dietary interventionAt the same time, they want to know whether young people with depression can adhere to the intervention of "dietotherapy"Scientists believe that some specific nutrients or ingredients can help relieve depression symptomsFor example, selenium, vitamin D, omega-3-fatty acids, antioxidants, B vitamins, zinc, proteins, probiotics, etcFor example, there is a high content of selenium in grains, nuts, seafood and animal liver, vitamin D and vitamin B in fish, eggs, beef liver and dairy products, omega-3-fatty acids in cold water fish, rapeseed and walnuts, zinc and protein in meat, grains and beans In general, we need nutrition, good exercise habits and regular physical examination to alleviate the depression < br / > [2] < br / > can eating chocolate cure depression? < br / > doi: < br / > 10.1002/da.22950 < br / > a research report published in the international journal expression and anxiety attracted the media's attention Media reports pointed out that eating chocolate (especially dark chocolate) can help reduce the symptoms of depression Unfortunately, we can't use this kind of evidence to promote that eating chocolate can help prevent depression, a serious, common and debilitating mental health disease In this study, the researchers analyzed the association between diet and depression in the general population They did not evaluate the causal relationship In other words, this study is not to clarify whether eating dark chocolate can reduce the symptoms of depression in patients The researchers found that in the entire sample, 1332 (11%) said they had eaten chocolate in two 24-hour dietary surveys, while only 148 (1.1%) had eaten dark chocolate A total of 1009 people (7.4%) developed depression symptoms After adjusting for other factors, the researchers found that there was no relationship between chocolate consumption and individual depression symptoms However, compared with those who did not consume chocolate, those who consumed dark chocolate were 70% less likely to report clinically related depression; when investigating chocolate intake, those who consumed the most chocolate were more likely to show less symptoms of depression < br / > picture source: [3] < br / > can people really use feces to treat depression in the future? < br / > doi: < br / > 10.1186/s40168-019-0733-3 < br / > in a research report published in the international journal microbiome, Yao Honghong, Professor of Medical College of Southeast University, found that the change of intestinal flora in the body may lead to the occurrence of depression, and it may significantly improve the depression like symptoms of patients through flora transplantation In this study, Professor Yao Honghong et al Compared the difference of intestinal microflora between wild-type and NLRP3 knockout mice born in the same nest They wanted to evaluate whether there was a certain correlation between the change of intestinal microflora and depression like behavior, At the same time, the researchers also want to know how the intestinal flora of NLRP3 knockout mice affects the behavior of mice suffering from chronic stress, especially whether the intestinal flora is the key factor to promote the function of astrocytes by regulating circrnas The researchers found that NLRP3 knockout mice showed significant depression like behavior differences compared with wild-type mice in the same nest, and their intestinal microflora composition changed significantly, suggesting that this behavior difference is likely caused by the change of intestinal microflora, at the same time, the loss of NLRP3 inflammatory bodies will affect the composition of intestinal microflora, The motility of NLRP3 knockout mice was significantly higher than that of wild-type mice, and the coexistence and transplantation of intestinal flora of NLRP3 knockout mice could avoid the influence of knockout of NLRP3 on the general motor function of mice; at the same time, the researchers also found that the intestinal flora of transplanted NLRP3 knockout mice could slow down the Depression Behavior of mice induced by chronic stress < br / > The study reveals details of biological interactions between the brain and gut that could one day help treat human mental disorders such as depression The team analyzed the fecal microbiome groups of vulnerable rats, elastic rats, non stress control group and placebo group They found a higher proportion of vulnerable rats than some of the other groups of < br / > bacteria < br / > such as Clostridium Different microbiome changed depressive behavior Rats transplanted from susceptible rats were more likely to adopt depression like behavior, while rats transplanted from elastic or non stress animals showed no behavioral or neurometric changes However, transplantation did not significantly change anxiety like behavior Intestinal transplantation from vulnerable rats increased the discovery of depressive behavior rather than anxiety behavior of non stress recipients, which may point to different mechanisms The difference suggests that depressive behavior is more regulated by gut microbiome, while anxious behavior is mainly influenced by changes in neural activity caused by stress experience, the authors said How to recover from depression? < br / > original source: < br / > how five short intentions can help people recovering from depression stage on track < br / > in cooperation with NHS employees, scientists have developed "self-management after treatment" or smart to help people recover from depression Like other ways to prevent relapse, smart assumes that many people are still vulnerable to depression, so the recovery process is considered to be a treatment process at the same time This approach helps prevent people from feeling frustrated and making them feel "back on track." This approach supports behavioral change through so-called "implementation intentions," such as quitting smoking or engaging in more physical activity It aims to help people turn their behavior intention into habitual behavior Implementation intent works by linking specific situations to specific responses Using smart interventions, people are encouraged to identify up to five implementation intentions It is important to be realistic and have an impact on people's health The best way to think is to think about five things that are important to you on a regular basis Then imagine what it would be like not to Mental health practitioners support the use of smart interventions in mental health services and encourage patients to share their intentions with friends or family who can support them < br / > [6] < br / > develop antidepressants independently! The new antidepressant drug ly03005 of LVYE pharmaceutical was accepted by FDA! < br / > green leaf Pharmaceutical Group announced that the U.S Food and Drug Administration (< br / > FDA < br / > has completed the filing review of its independently developed new compound ly03005, and officially accepted the new drug listing application (NDA) of ly03005 The drug is used to treat depression, and it is also the second new central nervous drug for LVYE pharmaceutical to enter the NDA stage in the United States Ly03005 is the exclusive product of central nervous system based on the new compound (nce / NTE) platform of green leaf pharmaceutical It is a serotonin noradrenaline dopamine triple reuptake inhibitor (sndri) One of its active metabolites is a serotonin noradrenaline dual reuptake inhibitor (SNRI) At present, LVYE pharmaceutical has patents covering ly03005 chemical composition, crystal form and preparation Patents on chemical composition and crystal form have been obtained in China, the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions < br / > Image Source: [7] < br / > new depression drug! Axsome compound drug axs-05 (dextromethorphan / bupropion release agent) has entered the stage III clinical treatment of refractory depression! < br / > original source: < br / > axsome therapeutics completes patient randomization in the stride-1 phase 3 trial of axs-05 in treatment resistant expression < br / > axsome therapeutics is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company that focuses on developing innovative therapies for central nervous system (CNS) diseases Recently, the company announced that the phase III stride-1 study to evaluate axs-05 (dextromethorphan / bupropion) in the treatment of refractory depression (TRD) has completed patient randomization Axs-05 is a new oral NMDA receptor antagonist with multimodal activity, which is currently under clinical development for the treatment of depression and other central nervous system (CNS) diseases Axs-05 is made up of the exclusive formula and dosage of dextromethorphan and bupropion, and adopts axsome's metabolic inhibition technology In December 2019, axsome announced the results of the phase III Gemini study of axs-05 in adults with severe MMD Data showed that the study reached the primary end point: compared with placebo group, axs-05 treatment group showed a substantial, rapid and statistically significant reduction in depression symptoms: the total score of the Montgomery Spielberg Depression Scale (MADRS) in the 6th week of treatment achieved a statistically significant reduction compared with the baseline (mean reduction from the baseline: 16.6 points vs 11.9 points, p=0.002)。 There was also a significant improvement in all secondary endpoints < br / > [8] < br / > the first new mechanism antidepressant in 30 years! Johnson Spravato nasal spray, US Europe to apply for new indications, treat patients with urgent Dutch act ideation < br / > original source: < br / > Janssen sees expanded use of spravato? Yang Sen (Esketamine) Nasal Spray in Europe as a Treatment for Depressive Symptoms Depressive, "Nasal", "the company" has recently submitted to the European Medicines Agency (EU) a new application for the new drugs for depression The purpose of the application is to expand
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