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    The list of top 50 pharmaceutical companies in 2020 is released! Let's see what's changed?

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
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    On December 12, the 6th issue of pharmaceutical manager magazine of the United States also brought the latest annual list of top 50 global pharmaceutical companiesAs everyone knows, this list is based on the sales volume of prescription drugs of various pharmaceutical companiesDami has been sharing for many years, and has been listed as a bonus factor in the past bidding and purchasing in many provinces, which is of great reference value< br / > due to the changes in the market environment last year and the well-known M & a restructuring, this year's ranking has undergone some changesIt is particularly noteworthy that when the world's attention is focused on coping with the global crisis of covid-19, the public also has more expectations for the top 50 pharmaceutical companies on this list than in previous years< br / > pharmaceutical manager magazine compiled this year's ranking according to the latest data of May of evaluateThis list not only lists the sales revenue of the top 50 pharmaceutical companies in the world in the past year in the prescription medicine business, but also lists the annual R & D investment of each pharmaceutical companyAccording to the data, some enterprises invest up to 10 billion dollars in R & D every year, such as Roche, These huge investments have helped to translate the latest scientific and promising innovations into approved new drugs and treatment improvementsThe novel coronavirus pneumonia global spread has made people realize that the global pharmaceutical companies' long-term efforts are not only fighting against cancer or chronic diseases, but also preparing for the unforeseen viral disasters of human beings, such as the Ebola virus, AIDS, what is now COVID-19, what else is there for? < br / > but the hope of overcoming the disease lies in these pharmaceutical companies, and people expect them to develop and issue antagonistic drugs and vaccines as soon as possible< br / > the ranking of top 10 pharmaceutical companies has changed a lot this yearRoche and Novartis, two Swiss pharmaceutical companies, have become the first and second respectivelyIn the past year, Roche's prescription drug sales have increased by 8.3%, leaping to the first place in the list, ending Pfizer's ranking first for four consecutive yearsThe sales of star drug avidin account for 15% of Roche's total pharmaceutical business revenue, It is the top selling drug of Roche company, followed by rituximab and Herceptin< br / > Novartis is also ahead of others, ranking secondIn January this year, Novartis completed the US $9.7 billion acquisition of medicines and obtained the potential cholesterol lowering drug inclisiranIn the past year, the top three prescription drugs sold by Novartis are ketenting, jielingya and nuoshida In addition, other drugs also performed well, such as heart failure drug nuoxintu, which increased by 74% in Q4 last year, In the past year, the sales reached 1.7 billion US dollars, and this year, Q1 has completed another 569 million US dollars Zolgensma, a gene therapy of great concern, has steadily increased its market sales despite its high price < br / > in addition to Roche and Novartis, the top five companies are Pfizer, MSD and Bristol Myers Squibb In the past year, the top three drugs Pfizer sold were Peier 13, aiboxin and lerica However, under the impact of generic drugs, the sales of Q4 declined, while the market performance of breast cancer drug aiboxin was good, with a 20.5% increase last year, Last year, Pfizer also completed the $11.4 billion acquisition of array biopharmaceuticals, and obtained two cancer drugs under research Other drugs, such as elotor, Shangjie, and Yinglida, including ankotan, which cooperates with Ansteel, have a lot of room for growth In general, the prospect is very good < br / > MSD is also one step ahead of last year's ranking, which is inseparable from coreda's big sale Bristol Myers Squibb officially completed the acquisition of new base with us $74 billion in November last year, which greatly increased its strength It directly jumped to the fifth place from the 11th place, and pushed MSD, the Centennial rival Yesterday, Bristol Myers Squibb also announced a new brand image in China and completed the business transformation globally, Focus on the core areas of tumor immunology, blood and Immunology (extended reading: Bristol Myers Squibb launches a new brand image and China strategy in China) < br / > after China Bio pharmaceutical and Hengrui pharmaceutical entered the list last year, two more names of Chinese pharmaceutical companies have been added to the list this year: Yunnan Baiyao and Shanghai Pharmaceutical < br / > here is the list of the top 50 pharmaceutical companies in the world this year Let's see if there is any change (unit: US $100 million) in their company rankings compared with last year?
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